Release Dates and Price Cuts for 2012 Commemorative Silver Coins


Prices have been cut for this year’s commemorative silver coins, their release dates announced and another commemorative product revealed. The information is compliments of a Federal Register notice published for the U.S. Mint on Thursday, February 9, 2012.

Star-Spangled Banner Silver $1 Designs
The Star-Spangled Banner commemorative silver coins are among those to have had their prices reduced from prior announced levels

Although the Mint clearly states that its product pricing is subject to change over time — especially for coins composed of silver or gold, the cuts come unexpectedly given the bureau released a higher set of prices for the commemoratives a bit more than two weeks ago.

Price Reductions for Commemorative Silver Coins

Cuts in the amount of $5 across the proof and uncirculated Infantry Soldier and Star-Spangled Banner silver dollars are now scheduled, matching prices of last year’s commemorative silver coins.

Silver Coin & Set Prices Introductory price Regular price
2012 Infantry Soldier Proof Silver Coin $49.95 $54.95
2012 Infantry Soldier Uncirculated Silver Coin $44.95 $49.95
2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Special Set N/A $51.95
2012 Star-Spangled Banner Proof Silver Coin $49.95 $54.95
2012 Star-Spangled Banner Uncirculated Silver Coin $44.95 $49.95
2012 Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set N/A $53.95


As shown, the above grid provides commemorative introductory and regular prices, with the latter going into effect about one month after each coin is released.

Release Dates and Pricing Periods

Published release dates for the uncirculated and proof commemorative silver coins are:

  • Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar – February 16
  • Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins – March 9

Regular prices will go into effect on March 19 for the Infantry dollars and April 5 for the Star-Spangled Banner commemoratives, which include the silver dollars and $5 gold coins.

Prices for the commemorative Star-Spangled Banner $5 Gold Coins have not changed. Those will be determined by the prevailing market value of gold immediately before their release and then change up to once a week depending on where gold heads.

Newly Announced Commemorative Coin Sets

As for the commemorative sets noted above, release dates are not specifically stated in the latest Federal Register publication. On a related note, the listing for the Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Special Set at $51.95 is a first and there is no mention of the Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Set for $61.95 as described in the first Federal Register notice of two weeks ago. No product details are available for either set, and it is unclear if the Mint will release both sets. It may have simply renamed the one and lowered its price.

Newly listed as well is the Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set for $53.95, but there was also no other information available about it as of this writing.

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Has the music stopped yet? I would like to take a seat.


Last year I think it was, the mint said they “listened” to the public and published a year schedule of release dates for coins and sets. It seems this year they’ve turned a deaf ear and we’re back to not knowing anything more than a couple weeks in advance of a release.

michael t.

It is remarkable to see any segment of the Federal Government react this quickly in response to any motion, suggestion, or stimulus. Kudos to the Mint and all of the personnel involved. Whether the action is right or wrong it goes to show that this arm of the government can adjust and take action, it is refreshing and should be an example to others in DC.