US Mint July 2011 Coin Production Hits 821.98 Million

Rutherford B. Hayes $1 and Vicksburg National Military Park Quarter
The United States Mint produced Rutherford B. Hayes $1’s and Vicksburg National Military Park Quarters in July, but their final mintages were not revealed.

Breaking a string of three straight monthly increases, the United States Mint produced fewer coins in July than in June, according to the bureau’s latest coin production figures. Still, the monthly pace was the second highest in 2011 and quicker than during the same time a year ago.

United States Mint presses pushed out 821.98 million coins for circulation in July 2011, marking a 9 percent decline from June but a 6.5 percent increase over July 2010.

Monthly US Mint Coin Production Figures / Mintages

Month Mintages Rank
July 2011 821.98 M 2
June 2011 903.06 M 1
May 2011 807.41 M 3
April 2011 640.17 M 9
March 2011 485.5 M 12
February 2011 523.14 M 11
January 2011 764.73 M 5
December 2010 80.200 M 13
November 2010 531.46 M 10
October 2010 730.22 M 7
September 2010 690.02 M 8
August 2010 743.78 M 6
July 2010 772.08 M 4


Two United States Mint facilities are responsible for producing circulating coins that are intended for commerce. In a reversal from each of the previous three months, the Mint’s Philadelphia facility was more active than the Denver Mint — 440.14 million coins versus 381.84 million coins.

Like the previous month, no Kennedy half-dollars or Native American $1 coins were minted. Half-dollars are generally produced only toward the beginning of the year and in enough quantities to fulfill collector demand. By law, at least 20 percent of all dollar coins minted each year must be Native American $1’s. As such, they make an appearance in the production tables in earlier months and again when their numbers need to be bumped up to comply with the law. Their previous appearance was in March.

Quarters are produced throughout the year. They were uncharacteristically missing from June’s report but they returned in July. It is rare when Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels and Roosevelt dimes are not coined. They were minted in significant quantities in July. Pennies dominated, as usual, accounting for 57.8 percent of all the coins.

July 2011 US Mint Coin Production

Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 210,000,000 265,200,000 475,200,000
Jefferson Nickels 51,360,000 58,800,000 110,160,000
Roosevelt Dimes 81,000,000 80,500,000 161,500,000
2011 Quarters 25,200,000 25,000,000 50,200,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
Native American $1s 0 0 0
Presidential Dollars 14,280,000 10,640,000 24,920,000
Total 381,840,000 440,140,000 821,980,000


The United States Mint through the first seven months of this year has struck 4.94599 billion coins for circulation — 2.51428 billion from Denver and 2.43171 billion from Philadelphia. The amount is more than the entire supply produced in 2009 (3.548 billion) and the pace remains on track to top 2010 (6.37311 billion) by September.

Collectors must wait to discover the mintages for the upcoming 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters and 2011 Presidential $1 coins. The Mint did not publish finalized figures. The bureau continues to strike coins in each series.

The Vicksburg National Military Park Quarter is set to be released on the 29th of August. 50.2 million have been minted to date — 24.8 million in Denver and 25.4 million in Philadelphia. Based on the mintages of the previous 2011-dated quarters, roughly 5 million more from each facility are expected. That would bring Vicksburg quarter’s total mintage closer to 61 million.

Also being coined are Rutherford B. Hayes $1’s which are scheduled for an August 18 release date. 49.56 million were produced in June. That number increased to 74.48 million in July. Splitting them out, 36.82 came from Philadelphia and 37.66 million from Denver. The totals are extremely close to previous 2011-dated Johnson and Grant dollars. They may, therefore, become the official mintage levels and revealed as such in September.

For reference, the following table summarizes the latest United States mintage figures by coin design and denomination.

YTD 2011 Coin Production by Design

Denver Philadelphia 2011 Total
Lincoln Cents 1,462,940,000 1,416,400,000 2,879,340,000
Jefferson Nickels 328,320,000 270,000,000 598,320,000
Roosevelt Dimes 474,000,000 506,000,000 980,000,000
Gettysburg Park Quarters 30,800,000 30,400,000 61,200,000
Glacier Park Quarters 31,200,000 30,400,000 61,600,000
Olympic Park Quarters 30,600,000 30,400,000 61,000,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 1,700,000 1,750,000 3,450,000
Native American $1 18,060,000 9,660,000 27,720,000
Johnson Presidential $1 37,100,000 35,560,000 72,660,000
Grant Presidential $1 37,940,000 38,080,000 76,020,000


Coin production figures above are based on data from the United States Mint page:

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