Auctioneer at Drouot Holds Auction of PCGS Certified Coins in Paris on May 31, 2011

Muriel Eymery, Gaetan Warin & Don Willis
Muriel Eymery, Gaëtan Warin and Don Willis in front of Drouot's main entrance

The first ever European auction devoted primarily to PCGS certified coins will be conducted at the prominent French antiques and collectibles auction house’s gallery VV, Drouot (, in Paris on May 31, 2011. Over 500 lots of world and United States coins certified as authentic, graded and encapsulated by PCGS Paris will be offered.

"We chose PCGS to grade this auction as it is the premier third-party, independent grading company recognized worldwide," said Gaëtan Warin, who consigned his collection with Millon & Associes, auctioneer "commissaire-priseur" with Drouot. "With PCGS grading the true value of my coins can be recognized. The convenience of having my coins graded at the Paris office made this possible. I look forward to PCGS grading standards being applied to coins throughout the world."

Auction highlights include:

  • France 1808-U Napoléon 40 Francs, PCGS VF35 (346 exemplars, only one graded by PCGS as of today)
  • France 1809-H Napoléon 20 Francs, PCGS XF45 (501 exemplars, only one graded by PCGS as of today)
  • USA 1799 $1, PCGS XF45
  • USA 1800 $5, PCGS AU50
  • USA 1812 $5 Capped Bust (buste au chapeau), PCGS AU55
  • USA $10 1932, PCGS MS66
  • USA $20 1927, PCGS MS66
  • India 1871 Mohur, PCGS AU58
  • Italy, 1864-TBN 50 Liras, PCGS Genuine (103 exemplars known)

Many of the coins were photographed using the PCGS TrueView™ system for exceptional detail and clarity.

"Less than a year after opening the PCGS Grading Center in Paris, this auction is a very promising premiere," said Muriel Eymery, PCGS Director of International Business Development. "Mr. Warin’s choice of hosting it at Drouot’s gallery room W, the prestigious French art and antiques auction place, will publicize even further the benefits of PCGS third-party, independent grading for serious European coin collectors. The French collector’s market-at-large is a key starting point for building a relevant database of prices for PCGS-graded French coins."

"PCGS is very pleased with the support our Paris office has received from dealers and collectors throughout Europe. We are grateful to Mr. Warin for choosing PCGS to authenticate and grade his coins. Many of Mr. Warin’s coins are in exceptional condition and we expect them to receive spirited bidding in Quartier Drouot’s upcoming auction," said Don Willis, President of PCGS.

The public auction will begin at 6:30 pm in room VV at the Drouot gallery of Million & Associes, 3 rue Rossini 75009 Paris.

For additional information and online catalogue of the auction go to, or call Eddie Haut champ at 01 48 00 99 26 or email

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