$7.86+ Million Realized at Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics Auction in 2011 NYINC


Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics, the newly formed joint venture between Stack’s and Bowers and Merena Auctions and its world coin division, Stack’s-Bowers and Ponterio, realized a total of $7,862,550 at their official auction of the January 2011 New York International Numismatic Convention.

Rare Coins Auctioned at 2011 NYINC
Three of many rare coins auctioned at the 2011 New York International Numismatic Convention by Stack's-Bowers Numismatics. (Larger Images and Details Below)

More than 4,200 lots were presented in three sessions throughout two sales held Jan. 7-8 and Jan. 10.

"Our N.Y.I.N.C. auction is an excellent beginning to 2011," stated Rick Ponterio, executive vice president of Stack’s-Bowers and Ponterio. "The strong bidder participation and prices realized across the board speaks to the enthusiasm with which bidders greeted the inaugural auction of Stack’s-Bowers and Ponterio."

Headlining the Jan. 7-8 sale was Part I of the Leo Novotny Collection of Mexican Coinage, the Michael Demling Collection of Ancient Coinage and David Ian Wright Collection of Italian Banknotes.

Mexican coinage performed exceptionally well with lot 131, an 1823 MoJM "Hookneck Eagle" 8 Escudos in NGC AU-55 — the first gold coin of the Mexican Republic — surpassed pre-sale estimates and sold for $35,400.

Lot 1036, a Guatemala 1854 A.E. 8 Reales certified AU-55 by NGC recognized as the only 8 Reales produced by the Republic of Guatemala, crossed the auction block for $70,800.

Guatemala 1854 A.E
This Guatemala 1854 A.E. 8 Reales, certified AU-55 by NGC and recognized as the only 8 Reales produced by the Republic of Guatemala, realized $70,800 at the 2011 New York International Numismatic Convention.

Leading in Chinese coinage was lot 827, a highly significant 1897 Anhwei Province Pattern Dollar in a PCGS MS-62 holder which went to the winning bidder for a remarkable $330,400.

1897 Anhwei Province Pattern Dollar
This 1897 Anhwei Province Pattern Dollar, certified MS-62 by PCGS, realized $330,400 at the 2011 New York International Numismatic Convention.

A magnificently toned 1889-A French Indo-China Piastre graded Proof-65 by NGC, lot 974, realized $38,350. The French Indo-China piece is pedigreed to the fabled John J. Pittman Collection.

"The Jan. 10 sale at our gallery in New York City featured the Querendon Collection, Rajj Collection, Sanpex Collection of Roman Aurei, Syracuse Collection of Ancient Coins, and selections from the Q. David Bowers Collection. With important offerings such as these, specialists in all areas of ancient and foreign coins and paper currency were eager to participate in this sale," said Ponterio.

Standouts from the Jan. 10 sale include lot 36, a 405-367 B.C. Sicily AR Decadrachm from Syracuse, reverse die signed by the artist Euainetos in Good Very Fine condition from the Q. David Bowers Collection that sold for $109,250.

405-367 B.C. Sicily AR Decadrachm
405-367 B.C. Sicily AR Decadrachm

Also, an exceeding rare banknote with serial number one type, lot 201, a 1905 Twenty Francs in Gold note from the National Bank of the Danish West Indies in Very Fine condition, climbed to $51,750.

1905 Twenty Francs in Gold note
1905 Twenty Francs in Gold note

Highlights of the Jan. 7-8 sale include:

  • Lot 104, Mexico, Pattern 50 Centavos, 1907, Proof-65 (NGC), realized $28,320
  • Lot 116, Mexico, 8 Escudos, 1784/3-FF, Extremely Fine, realized $35,400
  • Lot 138, Mexico, 4 Escudos, 1860-ZsVL, AU-55 (NGC), realized $30,680
  • Lot 550, Italy, 20 Lire, 1926-R, MS-65 (PCGS), realized $33,040
  • Lot 768, Australia, New South Wales, 15 Pence or "Dump", 1813, VF-30 (NGC), realized $25,960
  • Lot 2031, Sicily, Siculo-Punic, Time of the First Punic War, AR Dekadrachm, Sicilian Mint, Possibly Panormos, Circa 264-260 B.C., Very Fine, realized $30,680
  • Lot 2075, Mysia, Lampsacus, AV Stater, Circa 350 B.C., Extremely Fine, realized $35,400
  • Lot 2633, Iran, Bank Melli Iran, 500 Rials, AH1311 (1932), P-23, About Uncirculated, realized $17,700
  • Lot 2827, Italy, Biglietti Di Stato, 25 Lire, 21.7.1895, P-21, Choice Very Fine, realized $16,520

Highlights of the Jan. 10 sale include:

  • Lot 118, Kings of Baktria, Eukratides I, AR Tetradrachm, Circa 171-145 B.C., Very Fine, realized $20,700
  • Lot 149, Rome, Caracalla, AV Aureus, A.D. 198-217, Extremely Fine, realized $27,600
  • Lot 232, Alderney, 1,000 Pounds, 2004, Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy, Gem Proof, realized $50,600
  • Lot 255, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia, Ferdinand III, 10 Ducats, 1648, AU-55 (NGC), realized $37,375
  • Lot 625, Great Britain, Anne, 5 Guineas, 1711, AU-58 (NGC), realized $29,900
  • Lot 656, Great Britain, George IV, 5 Pounds, 1826, Septimo Edge, Proof-63 Ultra Cameo (NGC), realized $34,500
  • Lot 895, Russia, Catherine II, 5 Rubles, 1783 CПБ, MS-62 (NGC), realized $27,600
  • Lot 1009, Transylvania, Michael Apafi, 10 Ducats, 1663, VF Details (NGC), realized $43,125
  • Lot 1104, Australia, Elizabeth II, 30,000 Dollars, 2006, Year of the Dog, Gem Cameo Proof, realized $517,500
  • Lot 1180, German New Guinea Company, 20 Mark, 1895-A, MS-61 (NGC), realized $23,575
  • Lot 1314, New Zealand, 1935 Proof Set featuring the Waitangi Crown, KM PS-3, Proof-65 (NGC), realized $23,000
  • Lot 1497, Costa Rica, 8 Reales, 1831 CR E, MS-61 (NGC), realized $27,600

For a complete list of prices realized from the Stack’s-Bowers and Ponterio January 2011 N.Y.I.N.C. auction, visit the firm’s websites at www.bowersandmerena.com and www.stacks.com. To contact a representative directly, call 800.458.4646 for the West Coast office and 800.566.2580 for the East Coast office.

About Stack’s-Bowers and Ponterio

Originally founded in 1982 as Ponterio & Associates, Stack’s-Bowers and Ponterio serves as the world and ancient coin and currency division of Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics. The company has handled notable collections, including the Wa She Wong Collection, John S. Davenport Collection, Witte Museum Collection, Amat Collection, Joe Lasser Collection, James Hunnicut Collection, East Bay Collection of International Bank Notes, Eduard Kann Chinese Bank Note Collection, as well as treasure collections from the shipwrecks "Nicobar," "Rooswijk," and "Capitana."

About Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics

Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics, a subsidiary of Spectrum Group International, Inc. (SPGZ.PK), was launched in January 2011 with the merger of two of the most recognized names in the coin industry, Stack’s, the oldest rare coin auction and retail company in American, and Bowers and Merena Auctions, one of the world’s preeminent auctioneers of rare coins and paper money. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., the company also has offices in New York and New Hampshire.

Stack’s-Bowers Numismatics serves as the Official Auctioneer of the ANA World’s Fair of Money pre-show and convention auctions, and Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expos in Baltimore three times each year, as well as Philadelphia. The company has handled world record setting sales and many significant United State coin collections ever sold at public auction, including the John. J. Ford, Jr. and Louis E. Eliasberg Collections, Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection and Norweb Collection.

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