World’s Fair of Money 2010 Exhibitor Awards Presented at Boston


ANAThe American Numismatic Association presented 60 competitive exhibit awards at the 2010 World’s Fair of Money in Boston. Winners were announced at the Exhibit Awards Presentation and Reception on Aug. 14.

Forty-eight ANA members, showing 68 exhibits, competed in this year’s Collector Exhibits program. There also were 6 non-competitive exhibits.

Brett Irick received the Howland Wood Memorial Award for Best-in-Show for his exhibit, "Canadian Coins of 1947-1948." The Radford Stearns Memorial Award for Excellence in Exhibiting, presented to the first and second runners-up, was awarded to John W. Jackson for "United States Interest-Bearing Proofs" and Simcha Laib Kuritzky for "The Jewish Lion," respectively.

Richard Margolis won the Thos. H. Law Award for First-Time Exhibitors for "Benjamin Franklin: Early Medals and Medallions." The Rodger E. Hershey Memorial People’s Choice Award, chosen by convention attendees, was given to Jeffrey Feuerman for "National Bank Notes of Massachusetts." Feuerman’s exhibit also received the Ira & Larry Goldberg Award for Best Exhibit of Coins that Made History. Zachary Beier received the Derek Pobjoy Award for Best Exhibit of Modern Circulating Commemorative Coins for "Who Would Have Guessed? From a Log Cabin to the White House."

The ANA presented competitive exhibit awards for Young Numismatists (YN) age 17 and under. The Charles H. Wolfe Sr. Memorial Award for YN Best-in-Show exhibit was presented to Benjamin Gastfriend for "Elongated Coins Featuring John F. Kennedy."

Cindy Wibker received the Joseph E. Boling Award for Judging Excellence.

The following class exhibit awards were presented:

Class 1: United States Coins — Lelan G. Rogers Memorial

First Place — John M. Frost, "Rarities, Bargains and Neat Stuff"
Second Place — Carl B. Waltz Jr., "Matte Proof Lincoln Cents, 1909-1916"
Third Place — George B. Fitzgerald, "Rarest U. S. Silver Coin Issued for Circulation"

Class 2: United States Fiscal Paper — Sidney W. Smith/William Donlon Memorial

First Place — John W. Jackson, "United States Interest-Bearing Proofs"
Second Place — Robert Rhue, "The Colored Seal Notes of Colonial Georgia"
Third Place — Josh Wadsworth, "It’s All About the Numbers on U. S. Small-Sized Paper Money"

Class 3: Medals, Orders, Decorations and Badges — Burton Saxton/George Bauer Memorial

First Place — Linda Wolka, "95 Medals and Coins Commemorating the Anniversaries of the Birth of the Protestant Reformation in 1517"
Second Place — John M. Sallay, "School Award Medals"
Third Place — Sandra J. Emme, "A Brief History of Ballooning"

Class 4: Modern U.S. Coins and Modern Medals — American Numismatic Association

First Place — Simcha Laib Kuritzky, "Feline Species Type Set"
Second Place — James Zylstra, "Liberty Dollar: Bona Fide or Bogus?"
Third Place — Joseph Abiuso Jr., "The Story and Examples of Modern Military Challenge Coins"

Class 5: Tokens — B.P. Wright Memorial

First Place — Robert Rhue, "Complete Collection of North American Horsecar Tokens"
Second Place — Not awarded
Third Place — Not awarded

Class 6: Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens — Archie A. Black

First Place — Gerald R. Birl, "Chipco Roulettes — Revolution in Roulette Chip Artwork"
Second Place — Not awarded
Third Place — Not awarded

Class 7: Engraved Coins — Love Token Society

First Place — Rex Stark, "Enameled Morgan and Trade Dollars"
Second Place — Simcha Laib Kuritzky, "A Zulu Love Token"
Third Place — Fred Schwan, "What Happened on December 31st 1877?"

Class 8: Elongated Coins — Dottie Dow Memorial

First Place — Benjamin Gastfriend, "Elongated Coins Featuring John F. Kennedy"
Second Place — Don Berry, "Progressive Dies (Creating a Masterpiece)"
Third Place — Zachary Beier, "Capturing the Past: Virginia’s Historic Triangle on Elongated Coins"

Class 9: Coins Issued Prior to 1500 A.D. — Dr. Charles W. Crowe Memorial

No exhibits

Class 10: Regional U.S. Numismatics — William C. Henderson/Fred Cihon Memorial

First Place — Gene E. Hynds, "Massachusetts Tiffany Commission Scrip"
Second Place — Christopher Marchase, "The Pioneer Mint of Clark, Gruber and Company"
Third Place — Joseph Abiuso Jr., "The History of the Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace and Use of U.S. Coins"

Class 11: Numismatics of the Americas — Henry Christensen/John Jay Pittman Sr. Memorial

First Place — Brett Irick, "Canadian Coins of 1947-1948"
Second Place — T.E. Klunzinger, "Numismatic Delirium: The Three Singular Notes of 1950 St. Pierre& Miquelon"
Third Place — T.E. Klunzinger, "The Mystery of the Wood Cases for the 1932 Colonization Coins of Brazil"

Class 12: Numismatics of Europe — John S. Davenport Memorial

First Place — Halbert Carmichael, "The History of the English Penny"
Second Place — Michael Morrissy, "Tale of a Short Snorter"
Third Place — T.E. Klunzinger, "The Official Bronze Jubilee Medals of Queen Victoria"

Class 13: Numismatics of Africa and the Middle East — Menachem Chaim and Simcha Tova Mizel Memorial

First Place — Simcha Laib Kuritzky, "The Jewish Lion"
Second Place — James Zylstra, "Traditional Money and the Slave Trade: The Red, Black, White Triangle"
Third Place — Not awarded

Class 14: Numismatics of Asia and the Pacific — William B. Warden, Jr. Memorial

First Place — T.E. Klunzinger, "An 1883-84 Calcutta Exposition Commemorative Medal, Its Maker and Its Recipient"
Second Place — Not awarded
Third Place — Not awarded

Class 15: Gold Coins — Gaston DiBello/Melvin and Leona Kohl Memorial

No exhibits

Class 16: Numismatic Errors and Error Varieties — Numismatic Error Collectors

First Place — Zack Kaleky, "Position is Everything When Collecting Off-Center Cents"
Second Place — Richard J. Ziegler, "1982 Doubled Die Reverse Discovery Coin"
Third Place — Fred Wersan, "Wooden Nickel Errors Help Us Learn About the Printing Process"

Class 17: Numismatic Literature — Aaron Feldman Memorial

No exhibits

Class 18: General, Specialized, and Topical — Robert Hendershott Memorial

First Place — Richard Margolis, "Benjamin Franklin: Early Medals and Medallions"
Second Place — Robert Rhue, "1843-44 Scrip from the Islands of Maui, Hawaii and Tokens Related to One Issuer"
Third place — Thomas J. Leib, "Daniel Chester French’s Lost Architectural League Medallion"

Class 19: Convention Theme — Clifford Mishler

First Place — David Menchell, "Medals of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association Struck at the U.S. Mint"
Second Place — John M. Sallay, "Boston School Medals"
Third Place — John R. Eshbach, "The Women’s Auxiliary of the Massachusetts Service Reform Association Medal of 1905"


Class Y1: United States Coins — Edgerton-Lenker Memorial

First Place — Simon Beier, "Jamestown Celebrated in Coins"
Second Place — Not awarded
Third Place — Not awarded

Class Y2: World Coins — James L. Betton Memorial

First Place — Simon Beier, "Coins of Flight"
Second Place — Andrew Hageman, "Foreign Coins Made at the U.S. Mint"
Third Place — Simon Beier, "Cruise Adventure…Creatures of the Sea"

Class Y3: Paper Money — Kagin Family

First Place — Josh Wadsworth, "It’s All About the Numbers on U.S. Small-Sized Paper Money"
Second Place — Not awarded
Third Place — Not awarded

Class Y4: Israeli or Judaic — J.J. Van Grover Memorial

No exhibits

Class Y5: Medals and Tokens — Charles "Cheech" Litman Memorial

First Place — Benjamin Gastfriend, "Elongated Coins Featuring John F. Kennedy"
Second Place — Not awarded
Third Place — Simon Beier, "Riding the Rails"

Class Y6: Medieval and Ancient — Charles H. Wolfe Sr. Memorial

No exhibits

Class Y7: Errors and Varieties — Alan Herbert

First Place — Zack Kaleky, "Position is Everything When Collecting Off-Center Cents"
Second Place — Nicolas Dresmich, "A Clip Clock of the World’s Fair of Money"
Third Place — Not awarded

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