US Government Prints 447.8 Million Banknotes in July 2010


BEP Production FiguresThe U.S. government printed nearly 100 million fewer bills in July than in June, marking a second straight monthly production decline and the lowest level of the year, according to figures from the agency responsible for manufacturing U.S. currency.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) released the final July numbers on Friday. The data shows it made $1s, $5s, $20s and $100s — the same denominations it produced between February and June. $10s and $50s have not been printed since June 2009.

The BEP produced 447,872,000 banknotes last month that have a total value of $21,325,440,000. By comparison, June came in at 547.840 million notes which were worth more than $22.275 billion.

In terms of monthly rates, July production ranks at the very bottom in 2010, with January through June busier for the BEP. However, the value of the bills printed is higher than the totals from January or February, as the following table illustrates.

2010 Monthly Banknote Totals

# Notes
(in millions)
Total Value
(in billions)
January 487.000 $14.100
February 504.476 $14.098
March 605.952 $22.138
April 519.136 $21.735
May 551.680 $24.266
June 547.840 $22.275
July 447.872 $21.325


July did have more $20s printed, but all other bills eased in amounts, with the $5 falling the most and accounting for the biggest difference with only 640,000 printed. Recent months show the normal $5 bill level has been at 96.64 million.

BEP Money Production in June 2010

Facility at Washington, DC

BEP Note Production in July 2010 at Washington, DC

Facility at Fort Worth, TX

BEP Note Production in July 2010 at Fort Worth, TX

The agency also produced a number of $5 and $100 star notes, as depicted by the "*" reference in the attached images. Star notes are replacements for misprinted notes or certain serial numbers, like 000 000 000. As they are rarer, money collectors generally find them more desirable.

Bills by Denomination, Volume and Value

July 2010

Denomination Total Printed Total Value
$1.00 89,600,000 89,600,000
$5.00 640,000 3,200,000
$10.00 0 0
$20.00 181,632,000 3,632,640,000
$50.00 0 0
$100.00 176,000,000 17,600,000,000
July Totals 447,872,000 21,325,440,000


Spread across the 31 days last month, the BEP averaged over 14.4 million notes per day with a total daily value of about $687.92 million.

For reference, the prior month of production figures are included below:

June 2010

Denomination Total Printed Total Value
$1.00 96,000,000 96,000,000
$5.00 96,640,000 483,200,000
$10.00 0 0
$20.00 172,800,000 3,456,000,000
$50.00 0 0
$100.00 182,400,000 18,240,000,000
June Totals 547,840,000 22,275,200,000
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