Austrian Mint Strikes Renewable Energy Bimetallic Silver and Niobium Coin


Global warming, climate conferences, rising oil prices are constantly in the news. The earth’s resources of coal and oil are large but finite, and neither is a "clean" fuel.

Austrian Renewable Energy Bimetallic Coin
Austrian Renewable Energy Bimetallic Coin
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The dangers of atomic reactors and the thousand years’ threat of radioactive rubbish fill many people with dread. But our industry, our living standards, our life style demand vast quantities of energy — power to run our factories, drive our transport, run our house-holds. Is the answer to be found in Nature, in "Renewable Energy."

Bimetallic Coin Design

This year’s 25 Euro silver-niobium coin from the Austrian Mint is dedicated to this topic of renewable energy. The niobium center is a shining blue this time. On the obverse the artist/ engraver Helmut Andexlinger has depicted the cycle of nature in a tree.

The roots embedded in the soil suck up the nourishment required for growth and the abundance of healthy green leaves. To the side the leaves fall in autumn to the ground where they decompose and enrich the soil, thus providing the tree with re-ne wed nourishment. Sun and water are also depicted as essential ingredients in this wonderful cycle.

On the other side of the coin various methods of harnessing the renewable sources of natural energy are shown. Before the back-ground of a stylized globe, water drives a Pelton wheel or water turbine. An upward arrow symbolises the energy to be gained from the warmth of the earth itself. Huge propellers harness the winds, while solar batteries store up power from the rays of the sun.

On sale from 10th March, 2010, the new bimetallic silver-niobium coin is produced exclusively in special uncirculated quality to a maximum mintage of 65,000 pieces worldwide. Each coin comes in an attractive box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The coin is legal tender within the Republic of Austria.

The present coin is the eighth silver-niobium coin issued by the Austrian Mint. [See 2009 Galileo coin and 2008 Fascination of Light coin.] Since its inception in 2003 the € 25 silver-niobium coin has proven to be the most popular item in the Austrian issuing programme and it has frequently been sold out within days of issue.

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Renewable Energy Coin Specifications

Center 6.5 g pure niobium
Ring: 9 g silver (900 fine)
Finish: Special Uncirculated
Diameter: 34 mm
Mintage: 65,000
Date of Issue: 10 March 2010
Face Value: 25 euro
Designer: Helmut Andexlinger

About the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint ( is situated in the heart of Vienna and is the official minting authority for Austria with a 800 year history.

The Mint is the source for all Austrian Euro and Cent coins, whether they are intended for shopping, as an investment or for collection. Before the Euro, the Schilling and Groschen coins were minted, and before that — during the monarchy — Crowns, Guilders and Ducats were struck by the Austrian Mint.

The company is located close to the center at the Vienna Stadtpark in a Biedermeier building erected under Emperor Ferdinand I. from 1835 to 1837. Today it accommodates one of the most modern mints in the world.

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