PCGS Impresses at COINEXPO Warsaw and Paris Brogniard Show

Continuing its international expansion, Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) participated in COINEXPO in Warsaw, Poland on October 15-17 and in the Brogniard show October 17 in Paris, France.  

Both shows raised the continuing growing interest in world coin grading among European and Eastern European collectors. In Poland, third-party independent coin grading is already widely recognized as adding value to collectors’ coins. Collectors can submit their coins to PCGS through two PCGS authorized Polish dealers, Mennica Polska and Inwestycje Alternatywne Profit (www.e-numizmatyka.pl).


Following PCGS President Don Willis’ visit to Paris, it was the first time a coin grading company was ever invited to participate in the Paris Brogniard show organized by the French Numismatic Dealers Association, SYNDICAT NATIONAL DES EXPERTS NUMISMATES ET NUMISMATES PROFESSIONNELS. "It was a great opportunity for PCGS to have such a high-visibility presence at this premier European show," said Muriel Eymery from PCGS, who expressed her thanks for the support of the show organizers and PCGS French dealers. 


In addition to the PCGS booth showcasing French brochures and specially made 1 Franc coin samples, PCGS French dealers displayed PCGS-graded coins at their booths. Many French collectors came to gather additional information on the importance of having world coins graded, and enthusiastically welcomed PCGS’ presence at this major European show and looked forward to submitting their collections for grading and authentication. 


Fabrice Walther from Numisaisne Sarl Walther (www.numisaisne.com), a PCGS dealer and Organizer of the Paris Brogniard show, pointed out that "Today, PCGS enables France to open up to the world thanks to third-party independent grading. If a few collectors are still not receptive to third-party independent grading, we are convinced that for the future of Numismatics, grading will very soon be a must." 

Philippe Saive from Saive Numismatique (www.saivenumismatique.com), a PCGS Dealer and President of the SNEPP, said "Thanks to PCGS, I can offer quality graded coins associated with globally recognized authenticity and grading guarantees to my clients who are thus truly satisfied." 

Eric Palombo from Maison Palombo (www.maison-palombo.com), who first embraced PCGS grading in his auctions, added: "Maison Palombo decided over the years to include more and more PCGS-graded coins in its auctions for the benefit of its clients even though grading is still not as widely accepted in France as in the USA. Our clients now know exactly the quality of the coins they purchase, and sellers gain more value for the coins they entrust us to auction thanks to the respected third-party grading of PCGS."  


Jean Claude Desroche from Panorama Numismatique (www.panorama-nusmimatique.com) said that he was very glad to see a world leader in grading such as PCGS participate in the Brogniard show. He added that, thanks to displaying PCGS-graded coins for the first time, he enjoyed many new contacts with new and foreign collectors at the show and has already achieved increased sales with the PCGS guarantee of authenticity and grading accuracy. 

The next international shows at which PCGS will promote world coin grading will be BICE Beijing in China on October 30 – November 1 and Numismata Frankfurt in Germany on November 7-8, 2009.

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