US Mint Gold Coin Price Increases… Again


up trend chartUnless the London gold price average on Wednesday falls below $1035 an ounce, the US Mint will again increase the price of its gold collector coins, marking the fourth straight week it has adjusted prices.

With gold hitting an all-time high of $1,065 an ounce Tuesday, it would seem unlikely, although it is possible, for gold prices to fall overnight by $30. (The final London PM price the US Mint will use in its calculation to determine price adjustments is fixed around 10 a.m. Eastern Time.)

The following are the available figures the US Mint will use to arrive at an average:

London Fix Gold
10/14/2009 – Wednesday ? ?
10/13/2009 – Tuesday 1064.50 1057.50
10/12/2009 – Monday 1052.00 1058.75
10/9/2009 – Friday 1046.75 1051.50
10/8/2009 – Thursday 1054.75 1045.00

The new coin prices will be, according to the US Mint pricing guide:

  • UHRs at $1,439.00 (up $50)
  • Uncirculated First Spouse Coins at $691.00 (up $25), and
  • Proof First Spouse Coins at $704.00 (up $25)

To purchase these coins before the expected price increase — usually before noon ET on Wednesday’s, visit

The London gold-fixing is a benchmark for gold traded directly between big institutions.

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