US Mint Gold Coin Price Increases


up trend chartThanks to rising gold prices over the last several days, US Mint collector gold coins will increase in price as well. The cost to purchase a Ultra High Relief $20 Gold piece will climb by $50 while each First Spouse Gold Coin will rise by $25.

The Mint pricing policy is to average recent gold prices and compare the result against a coin pricing grid. (See coin pricing grid for First Spouse Coins as an example.) As the London gold average shifts up or down by $50, the Mint readjusts coin prices in increments determined by the guide.

The gold average has moved above $950 an ounce, which means:

  • UHR will go to $1,339.00
  • Uncirculated First Spouse Coins to $641.00, and
  • Proof First Spouse Coins to $654.00.

The following are the gold prices the Mint will use to arrive at an average:

London Fix Gold
6/3/2009 – Wednesday not yet set n/a
6/2/2009 – Tuesday 973.50 980.00
6/1/2009 – Monday 987.00 981.75
5/29/2009 – Friday 972.00 975.50
5/28/2009 – Thursday 949.75 957.75

The London gold-fixing is a benchmark for gold traded directly between big institutions.

The Mint most recently moved prices higher on Wed., May 13, as gold jumped above $900 an ounce. In the past the Mint has frozen the ability to place gold coin orders by Wednesday afternoon so prices could be changed by Thursday morning. However, the latest trend has been to adjust prices on Wednesday around noon with no or little ordering downtime.

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