Coin News: Commemoratives Soar, 2009 Cent Flaw, Roman Coin Hoard, Odd Denominations


Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

Modern commems soar
Steve Roach | Coin Values

The modern commemorative coin market is an area that is ripe for speculation and has more volatility than one might initially think. Modern commemorative coins (those struck since 1982) are generally available in large quantities, making them easy to promote outside of the hobby, and are available in very high grades …

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Professional Life cents show flaws
Ken Potter | via Numismatic News

After a major lapse in time, I am again getting reports on major die crack varieties found on proof coins. The latest two are both on the Professional Life Lincoln cent reverse and were found in August. Thomas Baalman of Kansas reported the first one to Numismatic News on Aug. 6. It features a major die crack that runs from center of the bushes at front right corner of the old Illinois capitol building into the field, through the "T" of CENT and the rim …

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Collecting the Odd Denominations
Mark Benvenuto | Coins Magazine

Collectors don’t always realize the luxury they have when it comes to collecting U.S. coins. Our system is a fairly straightforward one, with coins that fall into nice, neat fractions of 10 when it comes to face value. The one cent, 10 cent, 50 cent and one dollar coins fit into the mold perfectly. Even the five-cent and 25-cent coins aren’t too tough to figure out. If you take the time to look back, though, it doesn’t take long to realize …

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10,000 Roman coins unearthed
Russell Roberts | The Shropshire Star Newspaper Online

One of the largest hauls of Roman coins ever discovered in Shropshire has been unearthed after nearly 1,700 years underground by a metal detector enthusiast on his first treasure hunt, it was revealed today. The collection of more than 10,000 coins, most of which were inside a pot, was uncovered by Nick Davies from Ford during a search of land in the Shrewsbury area – just a month after he took up the hobby …

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