Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes by Jeff Ambio; Book Signing at ANA Show


Jeff Ambio will be available for a book signing at the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, August 8th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Ambio will be debuting and signing copies of his latest book, Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes.

Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber DimesMany collectors and investors have eagerly awaited a publication on Barber Dimes. To help expand numismatic knowledge and increase the understanding and appreciation for this series Jeff Ambio wrote his book Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes.

  • Covers every proof and business strike from 1892-1916.
  • Each chapter covers physical characteristics, pricing data and brief histories.
  • Ambio provides suggestions for building a meaningful investment portfolio.
  • Includes observations on third-party certifications.
  • Suggests places in which to buy and sell Barber Dimes.

Jeff Ambio is a widely read numismatic author. His writings and articles are credited with groundbreaking work in the field and have appeared in numerous publications. Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes is the first comprehensive book published on this important series in nearly 10 years.


"My latest addition to this series, dedicated to Barber Dimes, examines each proof and business strike issue in exhaustive detail. It is the definitive reference on this series and is applicable whether you are searching for a single example to add to a type set or desire to assemble the finest Barber Dime set that money can buy." – Jeff Ambio


Including mintage figures, rarity rankings, important varieties, a detailed physical analysis of each coin, and significant examples, this new release will enhance the numismatic industry by updating and informing collectors on the Barber Dime series.

Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes is scheduled for release August 2009. Please call if you wish to request additional information. His book will be available online at and

Zyrus Press at World’s Fair of Money

Zyrus PressStop by Zyrus Press located at the Transline booth #100 to buy your copy of Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes.

You can also pick up Jeff Ambio’s other two books in the series, Collecting & Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars and Collecting and Investing Strategies for United States Gold Coins.

Q&A with Jeff Ambio

The following Q&A was prepared for Jeff Ambio, the author of Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes (Zyrus Press Publishing, 2009). 

Q: Who do you think should read this book? 

A: I believe that this book should be read by any collector interested in the Barber Dime series of 1892-1916, be they a newcomer to coin collecting or a seasoned veteran of the market. 

Q: What makes the Barber Dimes such a challenging series to collect? 

A: These coins were used extensively in circulation, and the vast majority of surviving examples are heavily worn with below-average eye appeal. Relatively few examples were saved, and the real challenge for this series comes in finding high-quality, pristine-looking pieces. 

Q: To get to know you more personally, what was the first coin that interested you in this business? 

A: I started collecting coins at the age of 7 when I received a 1936-S Buffalo Nickel and 1944 Mercury Dime as a gift from my grandfather. 

Q: Was there any part of the book that you enjoyed doing the most? 

A: The rarity analyses, for sure. I brainstormed and devised a new, previously unheard of formula for computing value vs. price to determine both the best and worst buys in the Barber Dime series. 

Q: In this third book you utilize a formula you invented called the Investment Potential Ratio. How did you come up with this and why is it useful? 

A: I developed this formula by comparing all of the key components that make up a coin’s value in today’s rare coin market, chiefly supply, demand and the prices at which examples trade. I believe that this is a very powerful tool as it identifies coins that are truly underrated (as well as those that are overrated), thereby helping the buyer get the best possible return on their investment. Simply looking at price guides or auction data will not provide this depth of insight. 

Q: What is the key message of what you would like other collectors to take away from this book? 

A: Barber Dimes are a challenging series but there are definitely some good buys to be had. Take your time, do your homework and get to know the nuances of each issue in this series before starting your collection. 

Q: Did you learn anything new about Barber Dimes while putting this book together? 

A: Absolutely. Perhaps the biggest take away was that the key-date 1895-O—an issue that always receives a considerable amount of “hype” when offered for sale—is actually an overrated (read: overpriced) coin in most Mint State grades relative to its true rarity. 

Q: This is your third book in the Strategy Guide Series. What plans do you have for other books in this series in the future? 

A: I am currently exploring options for writing a Strategy Guide on Kennedy Half Dollars dated 1964-2009. A more ambitious approach to that project might also include the Franklin Half Dollar series of 1948-1963. 

Q: The book sounds like it will be a great addition for collectors. How can collectors get a copy? 

A: Copies can be obtained directly from the publisher, Zyrus Press, or from your local bookstore. You can contact Zyrus Press at or call toll free: (888) 622-7823.

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