Coin Chat Radio: Mint Tech Problems, Summer Numismatic Slump, Southeast Asia Currency


Coin Chat Radio Web siteUS Mint technical difficulties, Summer Numismatic Slump, Southeast Asia Currency, New Zealand Mint releases highlight the July 2nd Episode of Coin Chat Radio.

Bob Van Ryzin’s "What’s In the News" segment relays technical difficulties the US Mint experienced on June 24th, possibly from adding the 2009 Lincoln cents in Mint subscriptions. Collectors can order the final two pennies right now. Like a magazine subscription, the coins are delivered when released.

Online Editor Lisa Bellavin sits down with Numismatics publisher Scott Tappa to discuss a few topics including the summer numismatic slump that the industry seems to experience every year. Tappa feels the coin market is soft overall, but is encouraged by several things. Notably, he has heard from several people about the great attendance at smaller shows around the midwest.

Tappa and Bellavin also discuss a new ANA/Numismatic News partnership enabling ANA members to receive discounts on several publications available from Numismatic News.

Downloadable and cd-rom projects from are explained. These new formats are much easier to produce and more cost-effective than traditional means, especially for the more niche type products.

Bob Van Ryzin returns with an interview of author Howard Daniel. Daniel has been collecting southeast Asia currency for over 40 years and talks about his start in the hobby.


In 1964, I was in the Army in Okinawa in Japan, and I was in a local coin club. There was and old collector by the name of John Novak, and he changed me from collecting US to collecting southeast Asia.

In the ’60’s, I could not find a dealer in the United States who knew anything about Vietnam. Part of the challenge of making me collect southeast Asia, he [Novak] also wanted me to write the [currency] references in English. My task over the last 40 years is to document those countries and write about them.


Intern David Brierley briefly talks about new coins available from the New Zealand Mint including the Pitcairn Island Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Set. The Pitcairn Island was the location where the infamous HMS Bounty mutiny survivors settled. The Bounty was set afire and sunk in what is now known as Bounty Bay.

To listen to the latest program, go to Coin Chat Radio. Current and prior week episodes are also available directly from sites hosting the free Coin Chat Radio player, like the one found on the home page of Coin Collecting News.

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