US Mint Gold Coin Prices Set to Decline Wednesday


Declining ChartGold prices have been on the decline in recent days, fluttering below $950 an ounce. The yellow metal’s retreat is bearish for bullion investors but fortunate for collectors wanting to purchase US Mint coins.

Expect a downward shift in First Spouse Coins and UHR $20 prices on Wednesday.

The threshold for the Mint’s current pricing is based on London gold between $950-$999.99 an ounce. Although the Mint must take in the Wednesday morning "London Fix" for gold, the likelihood is for the average to remain below $950 an ounce.

With that, expect price reductions of $25 for First Spouse Gold Coins and $50 for UHR $20 Double Eagles to kick in around noon Wednesday. Look for:

  • UHR’s to move to $1,289.00
  • Uncirculated First Spouse Coins to fall to $616.00, and
  • Proof First Spouse Coins to get priced at $629.00.

The following are the latest gold prices the Mint will use to arrive at an average:

London Fix Gold
6/17/2009 – Wednesday not yet set n/a
6/16/2009 – Tuesday 936.75 934.00
6/15/2009 – Monday 932.00 932.25
6/12/2009 – Friday 950.00 937.25
6/11/2009 – Thursday 953.00 947.50

The London gold-fixing is a benchmark for gold traded directly between big institutions.

The Mint last raised gold coin prices on Wednesday, June 3.

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