US Mint Announces Shipping Delays of 4-5 Weeks


The United States Mint has a policy to ship in-stock coins and products within 1 to 2 weeks of an order. However, "fulfillment issues" has resulted in delays on all orders for up to 4 to 5 weeks, according to a new advisory at the Mint’s online store.

US Mint Shipping Delay Notice

Mint FAQ #218 indicates the issues causing the delays are expected to be resolved "soon," and that the Mint regrets the "inconvenience to our valued customers and appreciate their patience and understanding."

No doubt adding to the Mint’s shipping workload is the massive amount of individual orders for rolls of the new Lincoln Cent. From their launch on Thursday, May 14, to Sunday, May 17, the Mint sold 20 million Lincoln Rail Splitter cents, or 200,055 of the two-roll sets. With each penny weighing 2.5 grams, that is more than 110,000 lbs of pennies to ship.

While some collectors have already said they have cancelled their orders as a result of learning so many had been sold, the total number of sets the Mint will have to ship could be much higher by now with several extra days of sales since Sunday.

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the mint is creating there own problems if they had stayed with the original amount for the second release of the 2 roll sets of lincoln cents 100,000 they most likely would not have this problem,but that is besides the point what i want to know is how did they get this contract and what are there qualifacations,since they took over things have been really screwed up there,in this day and age 4 to 6 weeks to process and order is UNACCEPTABLE for instock items they should ship within 72 hours of acceptance no excuses,if they cannot straighten out and… Read more »




For what it is worth, I ordered rolls of the Lincoln Rail splitter on May 14th and they shipped on the 21st. Not sure what the “delay” is supposed to be for.


How many people does it take to pull and mail 450,000 lincoln silver dollors, Brail 300,000 and first set of pennies and now 200,000 sets of second pennies all within about 3 months? Oh and lets not forget the around 63,000 Ultra High Reliefe Double Gold Eagle coins they have also. Also the books that the printer messed up and we had to mail seperately. Of course they have normal ordering also. Dogman do you want a job????????? Don’t think you could handle it.


the us mint is greedy and dosent want coin collectors to cash in on rare coins so they decided to make sure the 2nd re-design of the lincoln penny us mint roll is worthless…. 🙁


Coin collectors are just that a coin collector. A money greedy person blames someone for being just that. Do you really thinks it is right to have 2 rolls of pennies and sell them for maybe $100.00 a roll, get a job. The mint works hard on what they do and they are not out to make people wealthy. Things don’t go to suit you and you wine, you want some cheese with that. If you are not happy with them then stop buying from them and you can buy from one of those persons just like you are. It… Read more »


wow youre a real drama queen…people collect coins to cash in on them……

Stephen Floreck

One of the greatest problems I have encountered with the US Mint is their employment of heavily accented foreign women order takers. It is obvious that English is their second language and I wonder what kind of test they must take to work for the Mint, and why not employ native Americans for those coveted positions? I had a frustrating go-round with one of the least qualified order takers and since we could not understand each other, I finally asked to speak with her supervisor and she promptly hung up on me. It was useless to attempt another another call… Read more »


That is not true in most cases. If you would talk to their customers you would find out they buy for their children, their childrens, children and so on. They do it because there is a story there not because of the money. Oh by the way Sahil V, its ok that someone to bad mouth the mint but it not right for someone to stand up for them. If you can’t stand with the big dogs, then get off the pourch. I do know there is alot of new hires there, but I try if she is not busy… Read more »