PNG Urges ANA Members to "Vote Wisely"


PNG Logo(Fallbrook, California) – The Board of Directors of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) is praising the American Numismatic Association for making significant progress in resolving the association’s cash problems, and urging ANA members to carefully consider the qualifications of candidates running in this year’s elections.

"The ANA Board, Executive Director Larry Shepherd and his staff have made bold and often tough decisions to improve the association’s financial situation. The changes may not make everyone happy, but that sometimes happens when management must confront the kinds of problems the new leadership inherited when they took office in 2007," said Gary Adkins, PNG President.

"If a candidate can not read a balance sheet or can’t be bothered to learn how, that person should certainly not be elected to the ANA Board no matter how much he or she knows about numismatics.  It’s that crucial given the financial problems facing the association," Adkins emphasized.

"The PNG urges ANA members to vote wisely in this year’s ANA elections for President, Vice President and the seven Governors’ positions on the Board. The ANA is a vital hobby organization, but it’s also a multi-million dollar-a-year business and it must be operated as such. Voters must consider the business experience of candidates as well as their numismatic background. ANA Board members must be able to understand financial statements and help manage the financial aspects of the association. This is more important than numismatic knowledge."

Adkins said collectors must be a priority for the ANA while also remembering the financial support of dealers. Auction companies also contribute a substantial portion of annual revenues for the association.

"PNG members are concerned that the ANA only chooses convention sites that are easy to access from across the country, not just for dealers but also for collectors who may want to bring their families to the shows."

Adkins said the PNG will continue to work with the ANA on promoting numismatics, supporting ANA events, advocacy on consumer protection issues and to be vigilant about new or increased taxes or adverse legislation regarding numismatic or bullion items.

The Professional Numismatists Guild is non-profit organization founded in 1953. PNG members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in the buying and selling of numismatic merchandise. For additional information, call (760) 728-1300 or visit online at

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