US Mint Officially Announces New Return Policy


The United States Mint on Tuesday issued a press release officially announcing its shortened 7-day return policy. The policy had already been published in its online shopping area, and detailed on CoinNews Monday. The US Mint provided the following explanation in its release:


On January 12, 2009, the United States Mint implemented a new pricing structure for numismatic products containing gold and platinum coins.  Under this methodology, prices for numismatic products containing gold or platinum coins are set on a weekly basis. 

As a result, the agency determined that it was necessary to have a seven-day return policy to coincide with the current pricing policy. 


The Mint added that a uniform 7-day policy — instead of having multiple return options depending on the type of coins purchased — gave customers "consistency and clarity when purchasing its products."

A logical course of action for new collectors to understand as well as the Mint’s customer service department. Differing return dates would be a nightmare for any retail operation, and an added mess to distinguish in print ads, catalogs, mailers, and other marketing pieces.

The change replaces the Mint’s long standing 30-day return policy. Now collectors must ensure anything sent back has a postmark date within seven calendar days from the receipt of a package.

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