BEP Prints 667.5 Million Notes Worth $10.5 Billion in August


BEP Production FiguresThe Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), the government agency responsible for printing U.S. currency, reported August production totals on Tuesday that shows a quicker pace.

667,520,000 U.S. banknotes were manufactured in August worth $10,547,200,000. That compares to 576 million notes worth $9.8 billion in July.

Substantially more $1s, $5s, $20s, and $100s were produced for the month while the volume of $10s printed were identical to July’s figures.

In addition, the BEP printed 1.92 million $100 star notes, which are replacements for misprinted notes or certain serial numbers, like 000 000 000. Star notes are generally more desirable to collectors, as they are rarer.

Spread across the 31 days in August and counting weekends and holidays, the BEP averaged more than 21.5 million notes per day with a total daily face value worth about $340 million, which would be enough for every man, woman and child in the U.S. to have slighter over $1.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing indicates that 95% of the notes made each year are used to replace those already in, or taken out of circulation. If this percentage is run across August, then "new or extra" notes for circulation is slashed down to $17 million per day.

Printed Notes by Denomination: Volume and Face Value (August 2008)

Denomination Total Printed Total Face Value
$1 275,200,000 275,200,000
$5 172,800,000 864,000,000
$10 76,800,000 768,000,000
$20 70,400,000 1,408,000,000
$100 72,320,000 7,232,000,000
Total 667,520,000 10,547,200,000


Monthly banknote production totals may be found on the BEP page Monthly Production Figures.

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