BEP Prints 649.6 Million Notes Worth $15.5 Billion in June


BEP Production FiguresThe Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) was slow in reporting June printed banknote totals, but they picked up the pace in bottom line production numbers.

Today’s released data reflects a manufacturing output of 649,600,000 U.S. banknotes in June worth a total of $15,504,000,000. That compares to 614.9 million notes worth $13.5 billion in May.

More than $1 billion of the difference came from new $20s, as none were printed in May. New $5s also stuck out with a nearly doubling amount.

Spread across June’s 30 days and counting weekends and holidays, the BEP averaged nearly 21.7 million notes per day with a total daily face value worth $516.8 million.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing indicates that 95% of the notes made each year are used to replace notes already in, or taken out of circulation. If this percentage is run across June, then "new or extra" notes for circulation is slashed down to $25.8 million per day.

Printed Notes by Denomination: Volume and Face Value (June 2008)

Denomination Total Printed Total Face Value
$1 256,000,000 $256,000,000
$5 144,000,000 $720,000,000
$10 70,400,000 $704,000,000
$20 51,200,000 $1,024,000,000
$100 128,000,000 $12,800,000,000
Total 649,600,000 $15,504,000,000


The BEP also printed 3.2 million $5 start notes. These are replacements for misprinted notes or certain serial numbers, like 000 000 000. Star notes are generally more desirable to collectors as they are rarer.

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