Katie Couric’s "Notebook" Commentary on Pennies and Nickels


Video image of Katie Couric’s "Notebook" Commentary on Pennies and NickelsKatie Couric, CBS Evening News anchor, today discussed in her "Notebook" commentary the costs to mint pennies and nickel, and the recently passed House legislation to make these coins from steel.

Although nothing new was offered in her commentary that hasn’t already been discussed in similar numismatic articles, like

Couric also very briefly broached the subject of eliminating the penny completely. Again, while not new, it’s nevertheless interesting to hear perspectives from the mainstream media.

It’s also hard not to pass up on her intro "punch line:"


"You might want to dig into your sofa cushions for spare change. That’s because it turns out it’s worth more than you thought…"


You can watch the entire video for yourself here. Just click the play button for the short 58 second commentary.

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Koichi Ito

Do you think that Katie Couric now about coin collecting? Far I know that she know very little about Nusmismatics. Better ask someone who is more expert just like boy in India, who collected 40,000 coins throughout the world.