Pizza Shop Owner Made Fake Dough in Batches of $50 Counterfeits


Pizza with $50 toppingsMaking dough is common place in a pizza shop kitchen. Making fake dough, as in counterfeited $50 bills, is not so common.

Police arrested Frank Donato back in October of 2007. At the time, Fox News reported the owner of a Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., pizzeria was cooking up more than pizza.

Mr. Donato is the owner of The Brick Oven Pizza shop and was charged with several counts of first-degree forgery when $6,000 in fake bills and counterfeit equipment were uncovered in his shop.

In a plea agreement yesterday, Mr. Donato copped to one of the felony counts. Surprisingly, he may only serve five years of probation when sentenced June 18.

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Koichi Ito

Counterfeit $50 is common but counterfeit $100 is much common. It all to easy still in spite of all these measure to fight counterfeit! It is still easy enough that Cave Man can print $100 and $50 bill with sophisticated printer!

Coin Update

Wow! This pizza place is one town over from where I live. I’ve eaten there many times.