Gigantic Coin Unveiling Launches New Dollar Coin Commemorating the Centenary of Scouts in Australia


Australian Ceremony for Scout Centenary Coin The Royal Australian Mint kicked off the introduction of a new circulating one dollar coin and a series of new collector coins with a gigantic and symbolic coin commemorating the Centenary of Scouts Australia.

The model coin was the largest ever produced by the Mint at an impressive 400 times the size of the normal one dollar circulating coin.

Its unveiling appropriately took place in front of a group of children and young adults who represented various scouting groups across Australia.

Senator the Hon Nick Sherry, Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law, made several comments at the ceremony.


Australian Scout Centenary coins

“Scouts Australia was founded 100 years ago. We all know just how big a part of our culture the Scouts have become since then, with over 60,000 scouts spread across the country.

“Launching this coin is a perfect way for everyone in Australia to remember the achievements and contributions of the scout movement founded by Lord Baden Powell over the past century. The Government is very happy to recognise this incredible contribution and has declared 2008 the Year of the Scout.”

“Today, this giant coin is symbolic of the equally giant contribution that Scouts have made to Australia …"


The Mint’s website reflects the production of Australia’s decimal coinage since 1966 using standard circulating coin designs, including the echidna, the lyrebird, the platypus, the Coat of Arms, the kangaroo and the Aboriginal elder.

Until the addition of the Scouts theme, only 14 designs have been produced to commemorate an organisation or an event on the one dollar coin.

Scout circulating and collector series coins – release dates, specifications and order details

The following information is provided through the Mint for the Scout Centenary circulating and collector coins.

2008 Centenary of Scouts $1 Circulating Coin

2008 Australian Centenary of Scouts $1 Circulating CoinThe new Scouts commemorative dollar will enter circulation and join the standard one dollar five kangaroo coin starting in April of 2008. Both coins are exactly the same with the exception of the reverse design.

These specifications are:

Denomination: $1
Metal: 92% copper, 6% aluminum, 2% nickel
Mass: 9.00 grams
Diameter: 25.00 mm


Scout Centenary collector coins

The collector series of coins honouring the Scouts have been available since February 4, 2008. They include:

  • $10 Gold Proof Coin (sold out*)
  • $5 Fine Silver Proof Coin
  • And a 50c Uncirculated Coin

2008 Centenary of Scouts $5 Silver Proof Coin

2008 Australian Centenary of Scouts $5 Proof CoinThe $5 Silver Proof Coin is priced at:

  • $65 (AUD/GST)
  • $59 (AUD/INT)

Online orders are available at the Mint page: 2008 $5 Silver Proof Coin*

The specifications for the silver coin include:

Denomination: $5
Metal: Ag 99.9%
Mass: 1 Troy oz
Diameter: 38.74mm
Finish: Proof
Mintage: 5,000
Designer: C. Goodall


2008 Centenary of Scouts 50c Uncirculated Coin

2008 Australian Centenary of Scouts 50c Uncirculated CoinThe 50c Uncirculated Coin is priced at:

  • $4.95 (AUD/GST)
  • $4.50 (AUD/INT)

Online orders are available at the Mint page: 2008 50c Uncirculated Coin*

The specifications for the 50c coin include:

Denomination: 50c
Metal: Cu/Nickel
Mass: 15.55g
Diameter: 31.51mm
Finish: Uncirculated
Mintage: Unlimited
Designer: C. Goodall


*Coins are also available through a channel of Australian Coin Dealers.

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