Oklahoma State Quarter Launches into Circulation, Bags and Rolls Available


Oklahoma State Quarter Circulating: Bags and Rolls AvailableThe Oklahoma state quarter officially launched into circulation Monday, Jan. 28. Thousands of people were on hand at the state’s Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City where the ceremonially event took place.

United States Mint Acting Deputy Director Dan Shaver joined Governor and Mrs. Brad Henry in hosting the festivities.


“2007 was an exciting year for the Sooner State, celebrating its centennial,” said Shaver. “Today’s issuance of this beautiful Oklahoma quarter serves as an encore to the state’s centennial, and the coin itself will serve as a lasting, nationwide tribute to Oklahoma, its heritage and its people.”


After the ceremonial events, hundreds of children received a free Oklahoma quarter while others purchased $10 rolls and a special commemorative set for $5.

Oklahoma state quarter design and image

Original artist rendering of the Oklahoma quarter by U.S. MintThe Oklahoma quarter is the 46th coin released in the 50 State Quarters® Program. Nearly 1,000 designs were suggested for the Oklahoma quarter.

The tails or reverse of the coin features the Scissortail Flycatcher – Oklahoma’s state bird – in flight with its distinctive tail feathers spread.

The bird soars above the Oklahoma state wildflower, the Indian Blanket, within a field of more wildflowers.

The coin’s design also bears the inscriptions “Oklahoma” and “1907”, which was the year Oklahoma was admitted into the Union.

During the ceremony, Governor Brad Henry remarked that the Scissortail Flycatcher,

“represents the scenic beauty of our great state.”


Finding and buying Oklahoma commemorative quarters – purchase information and URL’s

Minting of the Oklahoma quarters began Jan. 9 in a special striking ceremony. When the presses finish and the Mint turns their focus to the next state commemorative, hundreds of millions of Oklahoma state quarters will have been minted.

The final production numbers will depend on demand. However, each quarter released in 2007 slightly exceeded mintage production figures of 500,000,000. Getting that many coins into circulation doesn’t happen over night.

While the Oklahoma quarters will eventually make their way into circulation and can be exchanged through banks who have them, special rolls and bags of the quarters are available now for purchased through the U.S. Mint’s website for approximately 10 weeks.

The Mint is offering the Oklahoma quarters in:

  • Two-roll sets (40 coins per roll) for $32.95. One roll is from the Mint facility at Philadelphia bearing "P" mintmarks while the other roll is from Denver and bears "D" mintmarks. (Information and purchase page.)

  • $25 Dollar Bags with 100 coins for $32.95. (Denver and Philadelphia purchase pages.)

  • $250 Dollar Bags with 1,000 coins for $309.95. (Denver and Philadelphia purchase pages.)

The two-roll sets and bags can also be purchased using the Mints toll free line, 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Through 2008, the Mint will also offer special collectible coin sets that will include the Oklahoma commemorative quarter.


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