CoinNews Goes Mobile: Coin News for Cell Phones and Mobility Devices


CoinNews is now available via wireless mobility devices and Web-enabled phones.CoinNews is now available via wireless mobility devices and Web-enabled phones. CoinNews provides the information you need to keep in touch with the market while you’re on the go, including:

  • Coin or Numismatic News
  • Google News and Tools (Google web search, top news headlines and driving directions)

Steps to get coin news on your phone, PDA or other mobile device

To get CoinNews on your PDA, Web-enabled phone or other mobile device, simply follow these directions:

  1. Open the mini-browser on your phone or device
  2. Choose the option where you can enter a URL and type:

  3. Bookmark the site so you can receive your coin news and information quickly

A few things to consider and know while using CoinNews Mobile …

The 12 most recent numismatic headlines and summaries are provided through the CoinNews Mobile Site. While you can "tap" on the headline and read the entire article, realize that will display it and the main CoinNews site. Given the images and other content, that’s normally not recommended given the typical phone’s bandwidth and form factor, which makes reading PC websites unrealistic.

Also, the decision was made not to include images with the mobile news article summaries. We wanted to ensure the loading time was blazing fast and minimize bandwidth costs.

Finally, the CoinNews Mobile site architecture is set up to detect whether it’s being accessed from a mobility device or from a PC computer. If you enter the URL of the mobile site on your PC computer, for example, you’ll simply be redirected to If you’re using an enhanced mobile device with PC style capabilities, there’s a link at the bottom of the CoinNews Mobile site that you can tap to switch over to

More features are coming to the site so please feel free to always send us suggestions or report site problems.

Problems in accessing CoinNews Mobile

Given the sheer numbers, difference and complexities of Web-enabled phones and other devices, CoinNews can’t guarantee that its content and tools will work properly everywhere. It has been used as well as tested on many of the latest mobile phones. We just can’t make guarantees …

If you need help using your Web-enabled phone, your best place for answers is to refer to your user manual.

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