Gold and Platinum Hit Record Peaks, Silver on Five Week High


The new year has started with several ups … and downs. Bullion was up, up and up. Oil was sharply up. However, the stock market wobbled and the US dollar weakened. For the record books:

  • Gold rockets passed the 28-year old highs seen in January 1980, swept over the $850 barrier and reached up for a time to a new record of $864.90 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange

  • Platinum hits a record peak of $1,547 an ounce

  • Silver reaches a five week high of $15.22 an ounce

  • And for the first time in history, oil prices hit 100 US dollars per barrel

The following REUTETRS video report from 12:29 PM EST today provides highlights:


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Koichi Ito

Precious Metals like Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium is safe haven investment during currencies turmoil. This is no exception, Now U.S. is in recession and inflation this year. Precious Metals is best hedge against inflation especially hyper-inflation we might get later this year or next!