Weekly London Fix Charted – Silver, Gold and Platinum


Platinum was the noise of the week in precious metals hitting an all time high on Tuesday with a spot price of $1,519. It faltered ever so slightly since, but still ended Friday at $1,516 an ounce.

Gold had a respectable climb for the week and stayed above the $800 rim to close at $810.50.

Overall in metals:

  • Silver gained $0.55
  • Gold increased by $19.75
  • and Platinum gained $34

Above is the CoinNews.net chart showing this week’s London Fix (PM) prices for silver, gold and platinum.
(The previous Friday is included for reference.)


REUTERS end of week Wall Street recap


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Jim Gunther

Have you ever tried to do anything with the weekly London fix chart? The graphics are so big that it looks like the price for platinum for example stayed even when in fact it went up $50. If you want to provide visual information to the reader at least present it in a way that the reader can see what’s happening.



You’ve made an excellent point. It’s something we’ve noticed as well and it stands out even more these past two weeks with the bullion price swings.

I’m not really happy with it either and I believe we can do better, although it’ll take some work.

If we don’t have something better by this coming Saturday, we’ll have it by the following Saturday.

Thanks for commenting!

Mike Unser