12 Ton Coin Unveiled in Central London


It could be the largest coin ever, coming in at a weight of 12 tons, a height of 7 meters (~23ft) and a depth of 70 cm (~2.3ft). You could stand from a very long distance away and still make out its golden color, royal portrait and finely detailed rim. You’d probably say it looks like a huge British one pound coin.

Is it too big to be true? In one word… Yes.

Although called a coin, it’s actually made of wood and isn’t legal tender. But it does have a sizable symbolic value. The wooden "coin" was completed and its sized used to symbolize the 50 million pound coins it could apparently hold. (Approximate US value of $101 million.)

It was rolled out today to mark the beginning of the UK public vote in deciding where £50m will be awarded, the largest amount ever, by the Big Lottery Fund. The final four environmental groups competing for the money are:

  • THE EDEN PROJECT: THE EDGE – The next evolution of the Eden Project in Cornwall, where communities will be able to share the ideas they have for improving their lives and surroundings.
  • SUSTRANS’ CONNECT2 – UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities by creating new walking and cycling routes for those everyday journeys.
  • BLACK COUNTRY URBAN PARK – A project to entice visitors to discover the Black Country. Plus, more than 800,000 people will live within walking distance of a much needed attractive, safe environment.

More details, including an image of the wooden coin, can be found on inthenews.co.uk by reading, £50m lottery vote begins.

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