New Bureau of Engraving and Printing Products


New BEP productsNew products were recently made available from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s (BEP) Online Store.

The items were so hot that BEP’s website and phone lines were reportedly down for a time.

New Series 2001 $50

The most attractive of the offerings, the Series 2001 $50 Richmond Single Star, features a crisp, uncirculated note with a low serial number.

While 640,000 of them were actually produced, buying from BEP guarantees an excellent condition note with a serial number below CE00004000.

The price is $79.95 each. Only 3,700 are available for sale with a limit of 10 per household.

New 2003A $2 uncut currency sheets

Series 2003A $2 Uncut Currency Sheets from the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond are also now for sale. There are no limits in ordering these sets and the following products are available:

  • Sheet of 4 at $21
  • Sheet of 8 for $33
  • Sheet of 16 for $55
  • Sheet of 32 for $90

New BEP note subscription program

Also available is the new Color of Money: Series 2004 $20 Note Subscription Program. The subscription benefits include:

  • A $20 note from each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks
  • Automatic delivery of each through three installment releases
  • A guarantee that each note’s serial number will be under 4,000
  • And a savings of $60 from the cost of buying each of the 12 notes separately

There is a total limit of 2,500 sets. The price for subscription is $479. There’s also a limit of 10 sets per household until January 2008.

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