CoinNews Inflation Calculator and Rate Charts Updated with 2008 CPI Figures


CoinNews Rate of Inflation ChartsThe CoinNews Inflation Calculator and annual Rate of Inflation Charts have been updated with the latest CPI (Consumer Price Index) figures.

The official CPI data, provided by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, enables the Inflation Calculator to measure the change in buying power of the U.S. dollar using any combination of years from 1913-2008.

Examples of the Inflation Calculator

Using the calculator, anyone can determine the purchasing power of the dollar over time. A few examples after adjusting for inflation:

  • An item purchased in 1980 for $10 would have cost $20.90 in the year 2000
  • An item purchased in 1913 for $20 would now cost $426.42
  • An item purchased for $1 in 1985 would now cost $1.96

Inflation Rate Charts

The two 2008 updated rate charts reflect:

  • Annual Averages for Rate of Inflation
  • Annual Percent Changes for Rate of Inflation

The Inflation Calculator and Rate of Inflation Charts use the latest available 2008 monthly CPI index numbers.

While the Inflation Calculator is more of a general financial interest tool, specific numismatic calculators and tools may be found via the CoinNews menu: "COIN PRICING & COLLECTOR TOOLS".

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Koichi Ito

We are in Stagflation (High Inflation and no Growth). How you calculate inflation. There is many ways to calculate cost of living. Look-Like all price cost seams to be on increase that mean Oil, Wheat, Corn, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Nickel, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium is risen recently!