TV Anchorman Flips $3 Million Dollar Liberty Nickel


$3 Million dollar Bebee/McDermott specimen 1913 Liberty Head nickel gets flipped into the airA $3 million dollar coin zips through the air with the flip of an anchorman’s hands. Who needs a heart defibrillator to get the pulse going. Talk about shocking!

The Bebee/McDermott specimen 1913 Liberty Head nickel has its own famous history but now another page has been added to it with Mark Concannon, a Milwaukee TV anchorman, seemly casually tossing it into the air.

Thankfully it was somewhat protected with a Cointains coin holder and Mr. Concannon caught it! Nevertheless, the coin is insured for $3 million and the premium may just have to go up with more scares like that…

The ANA World’s Fair of Money® started on Wednesday and that triggered the TV promotion and news event. Donn Pearlman was an interview quest for the show and brought the story more to light through his must-read article on Numismatic News.

You can also watch the lively TV event and see the coin flip by visiting the myFOX website or by simply clicking here (for as long as the video is posted).

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Jon Lerner

Sorry this TV Anchorman was advised to handle the coins with care… what he did was plain stupid…..