Coin Shows Bring Out the Best


First, let me preface all this by saying I’ve only been to two coin shows in my entire life. And those were recent. I’m a true beginner to coin collecting, just like so many others out there. As such, I think my experience at being so new to everything can help bring different perspectives. It’s a reason, I know, that I was asked to write every now and again for this website. So… what did I learn from my first two coin shows?

Coin shows are great places to buy coins and learn first hand from experienced coin collectors. Granted, I like the convenience of shopping using good coin catalogs, coin magazines and the Internet, but coin shows excite me so much more!Magnifying Glass Over Coins

Why so? I can hold coins IN MY HANDS without commitment or waiting, look under special lights and through magnifying glasses at the tables, and get trustworthy advice all right on the spot. Not to mention there’s always someone there selling coin supplies – cool supplies that aren’t common on auction websites.

I was a little hesitant to buy anything at my first coin show. I followed my husband around and watched him shop, but for me… there were so many coins that I wanted but I wasn’t sure which ones I should buy. I know, that sounds crazy, but I felt like a kid in a candy store.

So for the next coin show, I made a budget and took a shopping list. Again, the show was full of good stuff, so I began buying and ended up with more than I bargained for. There were always an extra coin jewel or two that I didn’t expect but just had to get! The prices were lower than what I was expecting and many dealers added a special gift or two, making the experience even more enjoyable. I had to leave the show to find an ATM so I could buy more!

For me the excitement lasts long after the shows are over. I’m headed to another coin show in six days. I can’t wait. You shouldn’t either. Just Google “coin shows” for your state and take a fat wallet!

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Yes you are right about the TV coin show.3 nights ago one was on selling the 2008 Silver Eagle for 49.99 and a 5.00 shipping.He also said he did not know were you could get them for less.I just got the one I order from the US MINT for 31.00.And they still have them for sale.I called them to let them know you could get them for less but they did NOT tell the people that.


Idk if its best to invest in silver bullion at this time, seeing as it really hasn’t exploded like some experts said it would.