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US Mint Sales: 2017 Uncirculated Coin Set DebutsThe United States Mint scored stronger weekly sales for more than half of its collector products, supported by the release of its 2017 Mint Set.

Issued on May 17 for $20.95, the set of 20 uncirculated coins from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints debuted with sales of 131,392 […]


2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal Images UnveiledThe United States Mint published product descriptions, limits and images of the upcoming 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal.

The silver medal is one of five expected from the U.S. Mint this year in celebration of its 225th anniversary, and a counterpart to the $100 gold edition release in April […]


US Mint Coin Production Nears 960 Million in April 2017U.S. coin production slowed to a four-month low in April, according to the latest round of manufacturing figures from the United States Mint. Nearly 960 million across cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars were pressed for the month.

In headline comparisons, the level marks declines of 33.6% from March and 28.3% from April 2016 […]


2017 $100 American Liberty 225th Anniversary High Relief Gold Coin PhotosThis article presents photos of a 2017 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin, the United States Mint’s flagship 225th anniversary product.

Released on April 6, the West Point Mint-struck piece is composed from an ounce of 99.99% fine gold and bears a collector proof finish […]


Ozark National Scenic Riverways Quarter PhotosA series of coin events kick off in June for Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the first national park to protect a river system.

Early on Monday, June 5, the quarter commemorating the site gets released into circulation. Two things happen at noon ET on the same day […]

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US Mint Sales: 2017 Proof Gold Buffalo DebutThe highlight from the latest U.S. Mint sales report is the opening start for the new 2017-W Proof American Gold Buffalo.

Released on May 11, four-day sales for the 24-karat gold coin reached 7,597. That’s pretty much in the middle of the pack when compared to other recent issues […]


2017 Australian 1oz Silver Swan Coins Realizing Strong PricesThe Perth Mint struck a hit with their 2017 Australian Silver Swan 1oz Bullion Coin. The 99.99% fine silver product launched in early April and promptly sold out. It’s now realizing secondary market prices ranging from nearly 3x to about 9x melt value.

Padding the bullion coin’s appeal is its limited 25,000 mintage, its attractive design, and its role as the first release in an expected series to feature annually changing swan designs […]

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Federal Reserve Inventories of $1 Coins at 1.24 BillionFederal Reserve inventories of $1 coins are retreating, but only slightly. Fed data shows their supply at 1.241 billion coins through the first quarter of 2017, after peaking to 1.44 billion coins in the third quarter of 2012.

Dollar inventories have steadily fallen since that peak, trending lower by about 4 million coins per month — a pace that would take more than a quarter of a century for the Fed’s supply to dry up […]


2017-S Proof Silver American Eagle Commanding Price PremiumsSix weeks after its release, the San Francisco Mint’s proof American Silver Eagle is drawing from nearly triple to more than quadruple its issue price.

Limited to 75,000 in its initial release within the 2017 Congratulations Set ($54.95), which sold out within minutes of its April 4 launch […]


Coast Guard Commemorative Coin Act of 2017 IntroducedCompanion Senate and House bills were reintroduced last week to seek gold, silver and clad coins to honor the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard (www.uscg.mil) is one of five military branches in the United States. Founded on Aug. 4, 1790, it has […]