$29.95 for 2017-S 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set

225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set

U.S. Mint image of its 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set

The United States Mint will charge $29.95 for its special set of 10 enhanced uncirculated coins. News of the price came Friday morning in the form of an updated product page. The set goes on sale Aug. 1 at noon ET.

Celebrating the Mint’s 225th anniversary, it contains the same base metal coins as those within the 2017 Proof Set. That set is $3 less at $26.95. Continue reading

US Mint Sales: Ozark Riverways 5 Oz Coin Debuts

The U.S. Mint’s newest 5-ounce collectible was its best weekly seller. Commemorating Ozark National Scenic Riverways in southeastern Missouri, the big three-inch coin launched on July 11 for $149.95.

2017-P Ozark National Scenic Riverways Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin and Quarters

A CoinNews photo of a roll of Ozark Riverways quarters and an Ozark Riverways Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. Both coins share the same designs.

It moved out of the sales gate okay, but not as quick as recent issues. The silver collectible logged six-day sales of 13,740 coins Continue reading

U.S. Coin Production Nears 7.6B in First Half of 2017

unites states coins -cents, quarters, dimes

The U.S. Mint produced 7,588,260,000 coins for circulation in the first half of this year

U.S. coin production quickened in June for a second month in a row as United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver struck over 1.2 billion coins for circulation, the most since March.

In the first half of 2017, the U.S. Mint manufactured nearly 7.6 billion coins. That’s a sizable tally, but it’s tracking for a second slower year after production peaked in 2015 Continue reading

US Mint Sales: 2017 Silver Proof Set and 2016 Silver Eagles Retreat

Photo of 2017 Silver Proof Set - Lenses of Coins and Packaging Box

CoinNews photo of a 2017 Silver Proof Set. Its sales total dropped by 12,285 to fall back below 200,000

This week’s sales report from the United States Mint includes first results of the 2017-W Proof 20th Anniversary American Platinum Eagle. As discussed earlier, the platinum piece logged four-day sales of 5,960 coins. It was the U.S. Mint’s best weekly seller.

Elsewhere, the report shows some sizable sales reductions. Nine products saw reduced totals Continue reading