U.S. Mint American Eagle Coin Prices, Premiums and Sales Figures

Bullion and collector US Mint 2011 and 2012-dated American Buffalo Gold coins and American Eagle coins struck in gold, silver and platinum are listed in the following tables. The bullion coins have bid/ask breakouts that are determined by the percentage spread in the top row. In the case of numismatic or collector coins, the tables provide the latest US Mint list price for the proof or uncirculated coin, the dollar and percentage "premiums over spot," and the sales figures from the US Mint that indicate how many coins have been sold. While modern numismatic coins are always more valuable than their bullion content, comparing a premium column to the Mint’s current price can be useful in finding which are the "best buys." Combined with the sales figures, it’s easier to spot potential coins that are not only less expensive percentage-wise, but also perhaps more scarce in the series.

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The top row of spot precious metals prices and the bid/ask spread percentage may be changed. The tables will update automatically after clicking or tabbing out of one of these fields.