Abigail Fillmore

The Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Gold Coins are the first of the spouse series to appear in 2010. They are, however, fourteenth in the series as a whole.

Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Gold Coins
Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Gold Proof and Uncirculated Coin – Click to Enlarge

The United States Mint placed the 24 karat, 1/2 ounce gold coins on sale today at noon ET. The collector proof version is priced at $729.00 while the uncirculated option is listed for $716.00. These prices can change weekly depending on the weekly average of the London gold fix.

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The United States Mint today revealed the final design images of the new 2010 First Spouse Gold Coins featuring the wives of Presidents Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, and Lincoln. These men will be depicted in 2010 on Presidential $1 clad coins while their spouses will be honored on $10 gold pieces.

2010 First Spouse Gold Coin Designs

The coins mark the fourteenth through the seventeenth to be issued in the series which began in 2007. The US Mint will produce collector proof an uncirculated versions. Each is struck in 1/2 ounces of 24 karat, .9999 fine gold. The new designs also will be featured on 1-5/16" bronze medals.

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