Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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The Million Dollar Wonder Coins

On May 3, 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint pushed out a press release introducing the world's first 100-kg (220lbs), .99999 pure gold coin with a...

World Coin News announces COTY Award

This week World Coin News announced that the 2005 United States Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Silver Dollar won their 2007 Coin of the Year Award...

Joy from a Jar of Pennies

Coin collectors often bring the joy of their hobby to children. My own father was a collector. During my childhood, I remember sitting at...

What are Coin Planchets? Are They Worth Anything?

A coin planchet is a metal, rounded disk containing the blended alloys that makeup a coin. When I think of a planchet, I'm reminded of...

The Red Book – A Standard for US Coins

I was literally dusting off an old coin book, The Official Red Book®—A Guide Book of United States Coins, when I was reminded how...

Looking Back to June Coin Releases

The month of June flew by and may very well have been the busiest month of the year for many collector expectations of "new...