Royal Mint Signs Exclusive Deal with Rare Coin Company of America


The Royal Mint has signed an exclusive distribution deal to grow its commemorative coin business in the US. The deal with the Rare Coin Company of America (RARCOA) is projected to turnover £100m ($127m) over the next three years.

Wayde Milas and Rebecca Morgan
RARCOA President Wayde Milas and The Royal Mint Director of Commemorative Coin Rebecca Morgan during Milas’ recent visit to the Mint in South Wales. Milas is holding a 2024 British Lion and American Eagle one-ounce gold commemorative coin and Morgan is holding a 2024 Britannia and Liberty silver commemorative coin. (Photo courtesy of The Royal Mint.)

Since 2022, The Royal Mint has seen a 118% increase in the number of US customers, highlighting the popularity of British coins amongst US collectors. More than 17,000 1oz silver commemorative coins have been purchased by US based customers over last two years, with Royalty coins and series depicting Star Wars and Harry Potter proving particularly popular.

Founded in Chicago in 1962, RARCOA is one of the largest importers and distributors of gold coins from around the world, with a customer base spanning the US, Europe, and Asia. The new partnership will see The Royal Mint further expand into the US coin collecting market with its tailored, UK-made, commemorative coin products.

"From Royalty to Harry Potter, our coins celebrate the milestone moments and cultural icons that make Britain famous around the world. All our coin collections are made in the UK and British Craftsmanship continues to have strong appeal internationally," said Rebecca Morgan, Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal Mint.

"Recent collections celebrating the Coronation, Star Wars and Liberty and Britannia have seen increased demand from US collectors and we expect this to grow over coming years. Our new partnership with RARCOA will make it even easier for US customers to own a piece of British history from The Royal Mint."

The Royal Mint’s rich history, combined with RARCOA’s distribution capability and US market knowledge formed a perfect fit for RARCOA to become the exclusive US distributor for commemorative coins.

"As one of the leading rare coin companies in the United States, RARCOA is excited, eager and proud to be the exclusive US distributor of The Royal Mint’s commemorative coins," said Wayde Milas, President of RARCOA. "We’re thrilled to be working with Britain’s oldest company and the original maker of UK coins, and to share this rich heritage with our customers across the US, Europe and Asia."

The deal does not include Bullion, Collector Services, or any other business area.

Over the last three years, the commemorative coin division has acquired over 400,000 new customers.

For further information about RARCOA, visit

About The Royal Mint

With a history spanning more than 1,100 years, The Royal Mint ( is one of Britain’s oldest companies and the original maker of UK coins. Today The Royal Mint is a premium British maker, providing carefully crafted coins and precious metal products for the UK and overseas. Based in Llantrisant, South Wales it has three main focuses as a business: Currency, Consumer (collectable and rare, historic coins) and precious metals investment.


With a customer base spanning the US, Europe, and Asia and founded in Chicago in 1962, RARCOA is one of the leading rare coin and precious metal coin companies in the United States, and one of the largest importers and distributors of gold coins from around the world.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

This is meant more as an observation rather than a criticism, but IMHO the above article does in fact appear to be an advertisement. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


It is my observation as well, and nothing wrong with it(business wise). An easier channel for British coinage purchases will be a welcomed option for those collectors and flippers over here. This website, like any others that are managed properly–need advertisement $$. Is it annoying? Yep. From Bullion businesses, to flowers and toilets.. That’s the reality anywhere you go online or at a warehouse store–Bombardment for your $$. Another Auction firm article is due. It is like clockwork. The other day when I posted the APMEX 1 gram Pd bar here? Now I get APMEX Pd adds left & right… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by Rick
Kaiser Wilhelm

How true that is, Rick, that once the advertising dollars dry up so does the sponsored site. Point of fact, I don’t mind the auction houses blowing their assorted horns here since I like to see what’s on the market at the moment; that way I can have some top flight out of reach coins to happily dream about while of course knowing that I will not ever be able to come close to affording a single one of them. Anyway, what fun would it be if all the coins at any of those fancy auctions fell within the average… Read more »

E 1

There must be more free money running around in the US than in the UK.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Truer words have not been spoken, E 1. The U.K. is by no means a poor country, but the amount of wealth available in these United States is something that has never before been seen on this planet.

E 1


Yes, Proud to be an American mixed capitalist. English, Irish, German, French, Canadian, and Native American. My tree now; Asian, Latino, American. It’s a high-speed universe and constantly changing. But, it’s all good. Growing free and wild.


Kaiser Wilhelm

E 1,

I believe we Americans were very fortunate to have had the distinct advantage of being able to grow this country of ours from scratch without all the old baggage of the multitude of countries of our origin exerting much influence to hold us back.


I found a nickel in a parking lot the other day. It wasn’t treasure, but it was free!
You’re on to something.

E 1

Copy that Rick!



Indeed, I too enjoy looking at the many wonder coins out there, so they can keep it up with the auction articles. Sometimes, even when found in pocket change, or on a farm in KY when a faint golden glimmer catches your eye–you have found your own true treasure…
The King of England, Charles himself being on the obverse of those Royal Mint coins has just got some free advertising right here! Numismatically speaking of course…

Kaiser Wilhelm

I’m can actually say, Rick, that it’s not unusual for an auction report to be my favorite column of the week. I love to see gorgeous rare coins.


I looked at RARCOA’s website and they don’t appear sell things on the website. I wonder if that is going to change with this announcement. Also they don’t take credit cards. I can see that with bullion, but it sounds like this deal is only for Royal Mint commemorative coins I assume with considerable premium built into the price. I will continue to monitor the situation. Note whenever I buy from the Royal Mint, I always overspend to make my shipping cost worthwhile.


Thanks VinnieC,
It sounds like they could be a middleman for those Commems between the UK and the Big boys over here? Similar to what the USM has going on with their authorized purchasers(middlemen)for Bullion as well as the US Numismatic Bulk Purchasers Program(NBPP)for resale to the general public here as well?
Keep us posted.