Donivan Floyd of Idaho Wins 2024 PNG Scholarship

2024 PNG scholarship winner Donivan Floyd
Donivan Floyd, 19, of Idaho, the 2024 PNG YN scholarship winner

A young numismatist from Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho, Donivan Floyd, 19, is the winner of the 2024 Professional Numismatists Guild’s ( annual scholarship award competition.

"The PNG scholarship will cover airfare, tuition for one of the two June 2024 American Numismatic Association ( Summer Seminar sessions, meals, and dormitory accommodations on the campus of Colorado College, adjacent to the ANA headquarters," said PNG Executive Director John Feigenbaum.

Floyd grew up in a coin shop, DJ’s Coins & Collectables owned by his father David J. Floyd, but only began collecting five years ago at the age of 14.

"I wanted a job at my dad’s shop. I never thought I would like coins and never had too much interest in it, but once I learned more about the field then I really started to grow passionate about grading and modern coins! My favorite coins are Jefferson nickels," he explained. 

Aside from gaining knowledge of numismatics from his father and others, Floyd is a participant in the PNG’s nextGen Mentorship program to assist young and future dealers. He has been mentored by PNG Board of Directors member James Sego of JMS Coins (, also of Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho.

Floyd launched his own online coin business three years ago, Modern Coin King.

"I hope to further grow my knowledge on U.S coins and grading, running my business, and to become a useful asset and leader in numismatics," Floyd stated in his essay submitted as part of the PNG scholarship competition.

"I hope to make great connections and friendships, learn valuable knowledge for my business, and further expand my perception of this field. There is so much that I do not know, and would love to gain insight that lasts a lifetime," wrote Floyd.

"The mission of the PNG’s nextGen Mentorship program is to guide youth to success in the numismatic industry by connecting interested young adults with mentors, and using PNG’s respected influence to build relationships with numismatic organizations, worldwide," said PNG Executive Director John Feigenbaum.

"We are delighted that Donivan Floyd is gaining valuable insight and knowledge about the hobby and business, and is following the core values of PNG and our high standards for reputation, integrity, and responsibility," stated Feigenbaum.

Professional Numismatists Guild logo - 2024The PNG is a nonprofit organization composed of many of the top rare coin and paper money dealers in the United States and four other countries. PNG member-dealers must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in the buying and selling of numismatic merchandise.

For additional information about PNG or the young numismatists scholarship program, visit online at or call (951) 587-8300, and for information about the PNG’s nexGen Mentorship program, visit

For information about the annual ANA Summer Seminar, visit

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Set a better example for Donivan, John F! Anyone ever hear of Mint News Blog? How about World Mint News Blog? No? How about Coin Update News? Well those coin sites, rivals of Coin News, World and Week, were purchased as a whole, as part of the Whitman Publishing deal in November of 2023, by CDN owner/Publisher, John Feigenbaum. He relays above, the following: “”We are delighted that Donivan Floyd is gaining valuable insight and knowledge about the hobby and business, and is following the core values of PNG and our high standards for reputation, integrity, and responsibility,” stated Feigenbaum.”… Read more »

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To compromise the well-being of others in one’s mad pursuit of revenge is…..careless, sloppy, & unethical. Additionally, the using of others as a means to an end is equally vulgar.


@ CaliSkier @ CDN… Something in your coffee this morning? Decaf is an option!◑﹏◐..All kidding aside and maybe you’re just venting one more time? Cali I feel your pain, frustration, and abandonment. I would recommend doing what I, and most others have done; MOVE ON…Yes, they were unprofessional to say the least. Especially Brandon Hall, of Whitman who was supposed to be managing the sites? I think this John F guy was unprofessional as well. I would guess that when Michael presented our concerns, John said ‘pull the plug’, but that is speculative on my part. I also think it… Read more »

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Wow, I own those books too. I also have the “100 Greatest U.S. Coins (5th Edition, Whitman Publishing, ©2019)” and the “Mega Red (8th Edition, Whitman Publishing, ©2022).” Readers are leaders. Those four books will get you up to speed real fast.



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Congrats to Donivan on the scholarship. Sounds like a real go getter.

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