Tombstone Hoard Morgan Dollars up for Grabs


Historic Morgan silver dollars from the extraordinary Tombstone Hoard will be made available in April 2023 by Rare Collectibles TV (

Ultimate Tombstone Hoard Set
The one-of-a-kind “Ultimate Tombstone Hoard Morgan Dollars Set” of ten different dates, each graded NGC MS 67, is offered by Rare Collectibles TV. (Photo credit: Rare Collectibles TV.)

All in high-quality mint condition with some graded NGC MS67, these century-old coins were accumulated over four decades by a collector in Southern Arizona. This is the same area of the state as the legendary Old West city of Tombstone, the heart of Arizona’s 19th century silver boom.

"This hoard had around 40,000 coins. My partner Rick Tomaska and I have carefully cherry-picked about 1,200 of the Morgan silver dollars for our strict standards of stunning eye appeal," said RCTV Co-Founder Jack McNamara. "Among these coins are some ultra-rare, high-grade Morgan dollars that had been hidden away in a private collection for over 40 years."

1897 Tombstone Hoard Morgan dollar
This 1897 Morgan dollar, graded NGC MS 66+ CAC, is one of the stunning century-old Morgan silver dollars from the Tombstone Hoard offered by Rare Collectibles TV. (Photo credit: Rare Collectibles TV.)

"These coins are simply the best-of-the-best and they are the only examples submitted to Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) for certification with the Tombstone Hoard pedigree," explained McNamara.

Highlights include a one-of-a-kind 10 dates "Ultimate Tombstone Hoard Morgan Dollars Set" with each of the 10 coins graded NGC MS 67: 1879-S, 1880-S, 1881-S, 1882-S, 1884-O, 1886, 1896, 1898-O, 1900, 1904-O.

Among other highlights are

  • 1897-P Morgan dollar graded NGC MS66+ CAC
  • 1888-O Morgan dollar, NGC MS66
  • 1921-D Morgan dollar, NGC MS65+ CAC

The discovery of silver in Tombstone, Arizona in 1877 almost perfectly coincided with the production of the first Morgan silver dollars in 1878.

"This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a hoard containing such a large quantity of 100-year-old coins enter the market at one time. It has been a half-a-century since high-grade examples of this magnitude were introduced to collectors back in the 1970s with the discovery of the Redfield Hoard in Reno, Nevada and the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve emptying their vaults through General Services Administration (GSA) sales of long-stored silver dollars," said McNamara.

Closeup of pedigree
Each dollar is certified by NGC with the hoard’s pedigree. (Photo credit: Rare Collectibles TV.)

Only 1,221 coins from the Tombstone Hoard were certified by NGC with the hoard’s pedigree.

Collectors can find them online at as well as on television Thursday nights during the month of April starting at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific on:

  • DirecTV channel 222,
  • Dish channel 85, and
  • Spectrum Shop Zeal 1.

For additional information on how to acquire a Tombstone Hoard Morgan silver dollar, call 800-581-7273 or visit

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The town too tough to die…

Dazed and Coinfused

Call now. We only have a limited number of them. We even have a rarer coin ms70 with the Exclusive tombstone label with Earp or doc holiday’s signature. This is the coin the us mint would not give us, so we went to fiji and here ya go folks. Buy buy buy. Hsn only. Until we go to qvc and Bloomberg tv. And ebay and Craigslist and alibaba and pinduoduo. 60 flex pays and 4 free certifications for grading future coins. But you must submit all your coins to me first. When the bulk comes back, my team will take… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Operators are standing by right now to take your money! Have your 18%+ interest rate credit card available…
This rarity is ONLY available from HSN & we have started the countdown clock!
FOMO (fear of missing out) sales tactics. So sad!


Seth Riesling

Did someone say it’s Reverse Mortgage time?? – President Ronald Reagan (R-CA).


Dazed and Coinfused

Or wooden nickels made from Abraham Lincoln before he became a vampire killer

Seth Riesling

George Washington’s dentist told him he had termites on one of his check-up visits.


Seth Riesling

Kaiser, It is still amazing to me that people buy numismatic items from television ads/infomercials/shopping shows considering tv advertising is the most expensive type of advertising in the world! The overhead expenses of these t.v. snake oil salespeople & the companies they represent is massive, & they all pass on that high cost to the buyers. I watch them for entertainment & to see how crooked their sales pitches are. Also, anytime I see or hear the word “hoard,” I run the other way as fast I can, since “hoard” basically means “many.” It also means that the value of… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Can’t say I’ve ever watched hoarders and seen them go into a house full of gold and silver and small arsenal including a Gatlin gun.

Jon bravo

Barry chappel was the best in selling his way overpriced coins

Seth Riesling


To quote a phrase from the great movie “Steel Magnolias”:
They are “Pigs from Hell”.


Carol Clark

Good evening I’m a retired medic from New York City now living in Pennsylvania my neck was crushed while on the job and I am currently on oxygen I was wondering how could I bid on these Morgans? My dad was in the Navy and it was a fireman and he died when he was 36 but he always collected coins and guess how that started me I acquired two certificates 1923 silver dollars I have many five to 20 Star notes silver certificate dollar bills I have all the gold-plated States and countries will I be able to bid… Read more »

Jeff Legan

That info is at the bottom of the article:
For additional information on how to acquire a Tombstone Hoard Morgan silver dollar, call 800-581-7273 or visit

Dazed and Coinfused

I am not going to lie. The whole time I read your post I would have swore you were related to that poor Nigerian prince that needs help getting his fortune back. But I’m sure if you put tombstone graded in Google search and click shopping, you’ll get a couple Avenues to compare. You probably could use Bing, not sure how the AI is at finding deals, but I’m not using it. But there was a web address in article. Also, pretty sure ebay would have them too.

Kurtis dillon

Comit on what I haven’t even got to look before yo popped up dam


Only problem with these hoards is they have been picked thru no 1886O mint or CC mints

Dazed and Coinfused

Magic mike put those fiji kids to work sorting while their parents did the mining and melting. One thing I did see the other night was a 2023 eagle early release, but the date of the coin in the slab was 2022. I backed up and checked again to make sure it didn’t say advance release, and sure enough, early release. So how does that work


Someon was putting away those dollars. Incredible how many fine quality Morgans are still around. Not so with the Peace and Seated Liberty dollars. It’s really hard to find a well struck (on both sides) Peace dollar. I look. I have a few but they’re not common.