U.S. Mint Seeks Participates for Research Study


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The U.S. Mint is seeking participates through Feb. 20, 2023, for a new research study which gathers preferences on products and services.

The survey is conducted by NAXION, a market research and consulting firm with whom the U.S. Mint has a long-term business relationship. Survey responses will be kept anonymous, the Mint noted.

This survey aims to understand:

  • Customer preferences when purchasing U.S. Mint numismatic products and specific products purchased.
  • From what channels consumers are purchasing newly minted Mint numismatic products (e.g., U.S. Mint, dealers, auction sites, etc.).
  • The services and products which could encourage buyers to purchase newly minted numismatic products from the Mint.

Expected to take from 10 to 15 minutes, the survey is available online at http://www.usmintsurvey.com/.

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I filled out one of these surveys, sometime later I was invited to participate in a group to make recommendations on Mint products. I found it informative and worth my while. You never know if you’ll be invited to participate in one of these groups and learn more about the inner workings of the Mint and participate in decisions for future products.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Is the Mint perhaps looking for participants rather than participates for its research study?


No, to participate. It will determine participants at a later time. I tried to fill in the survey and either I’ve already filled in the survey or they have the required number of completed surveys for their purposes.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I was simply stating that “participates” is a verb whereas “participant” on the other hand is a noun. In the headline sentence above both “looking” and “participates” are verbs, leaving the subject noun “Mint” without the object noun that “participant” provides.
If, as you point out, it had said “looking for “[people, individuals, etc.] to participate” rather than merely “participates” the sentence would have been correct to begin with.

Last edited 8 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Thou hast been bestowed with the title of Minister of Grammar, sir. Very good! I stand corrected then. Now for the matter of coin.

Kaiser Wilhelm

First of all, Antonio, I thank you ever so much for the gift of that most excellent of titles, although now I must have all my return address stickers reprinted to accommodate that new honorific.
Further, as to an explanation for my anal retentive obsession with the rules of the English language, I can only imagine that since it is not my native tongue I am all the more fascinated by its inherent complexity.


Thus you are most deserving of this most honorous title.

Chris Terp

I got the survey. Completed one or two of these before. The surveys are detailed and usually take several minutes to finish. Waiting until I get to my laptop before doing.

Kaiser Wilhelm

There was a time, Chris, when I didn’t mind responding to those surveys but I seem to have lost any enthusiasm I once had for them and now simply find them tedious. Perhaps it’s partly due to my having completed enough of them to feel that anything else I might presume to contribute now would just end up being woefully redundant.

Chris Terp

Survey was about website Kaiser and wasn’t that long. But I still viewed my opinion in the two comment sections about Mint selling bullion directly to citizens.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Perhaps I got disenchanted with Mint surveys because the ones I happened to choose to complete were so extraordinarily long and excruciatingly detailed and quite frankly wore me down and out. Which is not to say I would ever wish to discourage anyone else from trying their hand at one or more of those questionnaires; I’m sure they can be quite useful to the Mint.

Last edited 7 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Chris Terp

Yes Kaiser, I did one for the Mint that took a long time. I do them just to comment that I’d like to see bullion sales to general public.

Kaiser Wilhelm

It never hurts, Chris, to register your opinion when there’s something the Mint is doing you would like to see changed.

Chris Terp

Yep Kaiser, I’m presently watching Magic Mike Mezack hawking his silver dollar first strike 2023 MS70 coins for $79.95, or you can purchase a 20-coin box for $1,499.80 (savings of $5 per coin in bulk); and him talking about how he gets his coins from one of the twelve authorized purchasers and I’m fuming that you or I can’t purchase bullion coins direct from Mint.

Canada, UK, South Africa, Perth Mint, etc. allow you to purchase bullion. Catch up with the times US Mint.

Kaiser Wilhelm

It’s always entertaining to watch Caffeine Mike perform his “How fast can I say everything twice?” pseudo-numismatic cabaret routine, Chris. The true highlights of each show consist of his unending pronouncements regarding how he has not only practically cornered the supply of each item he is putting up for sale but how he also without a shadow of a doubt is offering all of these glorious “rarities” at what is absolutely guaranteed to be a positively unbeatable and simply unmatchable price. I can understand why you are upset at and frustrated by the Mint’s current system of channeling Bullion Coins… Read more »


Are his prices indeed positively unbeatable and simply unmatchable? To be honest, aside from this website, I’ve never heard of this fellow before. Lucky me I guess.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Caffeine Mike’s prices, Antonio, range from a bare minimum of two or three times anyone else’s to the sky’s the limit. By the way, consider yourself fortunate for being unaware of his existence.

Dazed and Coinfused

Milk em mike is increasing the price of coins faster than the democrats can print money. Most of the time you can find 2 or 3 of similar coin for what he gets for 1. But sometimes he’s the only one that has the coin to begin with. Reminds me of thr guy that sells Rolex out of his trunk. You wouldn’t be the only buyer, so don’t feel bad. But if he tells you the best deal is all the way toward the back, don’t crawl in the trunk to get it, you’ll soon learn what ransom means

Kaiser Wilhelm

Actually, Dazed and Coinfused, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference as to who is printing the U.S. paper currency these days since without the backing of physical gold and/or silver not a single bill of it is worth as much as the paper it’s printed on.

Jerry jJeffers

The U S mint wasn’t fair to the little people as far as last year with special morgan and peace dollar. The little people was really shut out. I had a morgan and peace dollar and went to get my credit card time I got my card and was processing my coins were sold to Ebay and others.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I was under the impression that the US Mint didn’t make any Morgan or Peace Dollars last year thanks to a shortage of silver planchets. Anyone else like to weigh in here?

Jeff Legan

Correct. Made in 2021, not 2022.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jeff Legan