CSNS Announces Added Areas for 2023 Convention


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Three new bourse floor areas will be added for the convenience of collectors and dealers at the next Central States Numismatic Society (www.csns.org) convention in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, Illinois, April 27-29, 2023.

In addition to adding 100 tables to the regular bourse floor space, an entirely new area will be devoted specifically for lower-priced items, and there also will be another space devoted to merchants who are only doing wholesale dealer-to-dealer business.

"The 2023 Central States show will offer more dealer-friendly and collector-friendly options and flexibility than have ever been provided by us or any other coin show in the past. Innovative new ideas are being introduced that create a wider array of options to help us do a better job of understanding and meeting the varied needs of our dealers and visitors," stated CSNS Convention Manager Larry Shepherd.

The convention now will have room for 600 tables on the main floor to accommodate all dealers who wants space there, plus there will be a new, lower-priced Collector’s Corner Shop Annex on the second floor.

"This new area will offer a budget/economy, no-frills bourse floor directly above the main show floor at the top of the lobby escalator. It is designed to attract beginning collectors and young dealers who enjoy the hobby but don’t have the resources to rent an expensive table on the main floor or to buy or sell mega-priced coins. There will be abundant signage to direct traffic and encourage collectors and dealers to visit both floors," explained Shepherd.

"This is another unique and innovative first for Central States, and for our industry, aimed at providing a complete range of service to the entire numismatic community, from top to bottom. Collectors, whether spending $1 or $10 million, can now feel at home at Central States, knowing there will be plenty of material in their area of interest and price range," he stated.

"In another major innovation for Central States, we will be the first national coin show to offer an exclusively-wholesale area on the main bourse floor. It will be for dealers who only want to do dealer-to-dealer business at their table and be able leave whenever they are finished," said Shepherd.

In addition, new security and safety measures will be in place.

The Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center recently upgraded their surveillance systems to add more high-tech security equipment and cameras, both indoors and outside. The indoor cameras can provide high-resolution facial photos, and the outdoor cameras can capture license plate information on cars entering and exiting.

Information about the convention, including bourse table applications, and hotel accommodations, is available on the CSNS convention website, www.CSNS.org or by contacting Convention Manager Larry Shepherd by email at convention@csns.org or by phone at 719-464-8801.

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It’s the Long Beach Expo for me. Next time they meet is in February. That’s a favorite one to fill in the coins I’m missing. I think I’ll focus on pre-1940s Lincoln Cents to complete my collection and make it up to date. The 2019-Ws are a favorite of mine. I may have to use a 1943 steel cent hard plastic holder to finally put them in.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Allow me to wish you the best of luck in your cent hunt at the Long Beach Expo, Antonio; may the empty spaces (especially the most glaring ones) in your collection fill up nicely! Incidentally, that’s not a bad time to be in southern California, away from the relentless chill that a large portion of our expansive country will quite assuredly be in the midst of experiencing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Well I’m thankful not to be in Canada, where their weather makes ours look warm and mild by comparison.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Word. True that. And whatever other hip (or not) slang that has managed to come into use while I was otherwise occupied growing old and such.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm