Ventris Gibson Appointed U.S. Mint Deputy Director


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On Monday, Oct. 25, the U.S. Treasury Department announced the appointment of Ventris Gibson to serve as Deputy Director of the United States Mint.

The following is the Treasury Department press release announcing the appointment:

Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced the appointment of Ventris Gibson to serve as Deputy Director of the U.S Mint. Ms. Gibson brings decades of senior federal service to the role and is a United States Navy veteran. She will serve as Acting Director, making her the first Black person to head this bureau.

"Ventris’ decades of federal service will be an asset to the U.S Mint and the dedicated workers who carry out its operations," said Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo. "Her historic appointment reflects our ongoing commitment to building a qualified, diverse workforce at Treasury and its bureaus that will serve the American people well."

"Thank you to the Secretary of the Treasury for entrusting me with this important responsibility," said Ventris Gibson. "I am delighted to join the U.S. Mint and excited to continue connecting America through coins alongside the highly dedicated and professional workforce of this agency."

Prior to joining the Mint, Ms. Gibson served as the Director of Human Resources for Washington, DC’s Department of Human Resources. During her tenure with the DC government, she provided executive oversight and execution of human capital programs and services for nearly 37,000 employees.

Ms. Gibson, a United States Navy veteran, also previously served as the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In this capacity, she was responsible for the development, articulation, and delivery of Department-wide human resources policies, plans, and programs.

Ms. Gibson’s career with the Federal government also includes the Federal Aviation Administration where she served as the Assistant Administrator for Human Resources and in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resource Management and its first Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resolution Management. She was VA’s highest-ranking woman veteran and directed human resources management and civil rights programs affecting 230,000 employees.

With a career that spans more than 40 years in both human resources executive and professional positions, Ms. Gibson is the recipient of numerous awards and commendations. She has received the Exceptional and Meritorious Service Awards, FAA Manager Association’s Leadership Award, National Hispanic Coalition’s President’s Award, and the Northern New Jersey Metropolitan Area’s prestigious "Woman of the Year" award.

A graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, Executive Technique, and Aspen Institute, Ms. Gibson attended the University of Maryland, University College. Ms. Gibson has three children, 4 grandchildren, and 2 golden retrievers.

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Johnny Collector

When do we get the medal for the 2 week Director❓ Another appointee with zero experience on coins, the Mint or real world things.. This is part of Biden’s hire chicks with some diversity goal as a basis. Experience naaah


Here’s hoping Ventris Gibson will get the US Mint’s poorly-performing ordering system fixed, and drive the Mint to produce more coins which will be of interest to us collectors.
I can not help but notice the new Mint Director’s race & gender – in keeping with so many of this administration’s personnel choices. If you happen to be a white male looking for a job with this administration – you are S.O.L.


You hit the nail on the head Mammoth but I think the sleeping White – Giant has just about had enough……….. That being said check out this beauty I just pulled from the mailbox.

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Mike Hunt

Very nice, very nice indeed. I got my Morgan D yesterday and my Morgan CC Privy today. Check out my posting this morning (by doing a search on “Morgan Shipment”) to see what I said … which also included a request for a fact check from you.

But in a nutshell, I have never seen a Morgan of such perfection as these!
— Mike


Agreed – my (D) is due to arrive tomorrow an the Peace Dollar is on it’s way to the post office but shipped according to the Mint.

Sorry the “Morgan Shipment” search produced no result for me and I have no rhyme or reason how to follow in any kind of order on this blog but I will check back here (I bookmarked it) if you want to share the fact-thing with me.

And….Congrats on the CC and D – I collect Denver Mint “Everything” so I’m really looking forward to seeing that one.

Best Regards


Nice coin, Senza.
She’s looking up!


Mammoth, you see and can read the writing on the wall. Get woke, go broke!

Seth Riesling

“I have a plan for that…” Senator Elizabeth Warren. Lol.



Just an update for those who are waiting for these as well. I got notice that my ASE D and S mint order was shipped yesterday and today I got notice that my Morgan and Peace dollars were shipped. Hope mine are as magnificent as Senza’s above.

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Seth Riesling

My D & S coins shipped yesterday. Hope we all get these beauties soon & in great condition.

Happy collecting!



I now have everything but the Peace dollars


Sent my damaged (S) Eagle back to the US Mint waiting to see if I get a new coin or a refund.

Could not help but share this image of Ventris Gibson – another piece of Government dead weight who should have been retired years ago but just couldn’t walk away from the free donuts.

Biden being the perfect example it’s shameful these Greedy useless old timers won’t move aside so the next generation and the current can move on.

Last edited 1 year ago by SENZA

Much agreed, Senza. I would go on, but am trying to focus on coins here.
My ‘CC’ Morgans are due to arrive today, and I would like to trade three of these for three of the ‘O’ Morgans.


I’m sure you won’t have any problem with those trades, by the time I made my purchase of the other coin I missed out on the “O” so I am looking for “O” myself. My Peace dollars are expected delivery by Monday, otherwise I have all the other coins I ordered.

Mike Hunt

Kaiser — I’ll let you know if she gives good results … because as it turns out, The Mint NEVER shipped me my (21EA) American Eagle 2021 One Ounce Silver Proof Coin. The USPS shipping status always said “awaiting receipt of the item from the shipper and to check back again”. After receiving the last of my Dollar coins today, I called them. They told me I should have called within 30 days of its order (which was 2/10/2021). As you know, none of them were shipped until many months later. They went on to say (essentially) tough luck. Essentially… Read more »

Mike Hunt

Kaiser — Many thanks for your encouraging comments. I’m not a lawyer but sometimes have been accused of being one. I did check my charge card and they charged me for it. So maybe instead of having my charge card company take the dispute, I should SUE the Mint in Small Claims Court for Failure to Perform. It has been my experience that Judges really respect cases based on principal, not just on money. And who knows, maybe I could actually get the coin. On a different subject, today I got my final 2 coins: the Philadelphia Peace and Philadelphia… Read more »

2021 Silver Eagle Variations - The Ultimate Type Collection - Side 2 V5 WITH OUT Prices ULTIMATE TYPE.jpg

Just checked, I have have 12 x 21EAs. Willing to sell you one for cost plus shipping. Send me an email and let me know you did. This email address is not monitored.

Mike Hunt

FViia — That is one helluva compassionate offer. I thought I had done everything right on this one but the Mint still found a way to do it to me. That said, the 21EA is the only one of these coins I wasn’t able to get. The prices don’t seem to be that unreasonable on eBay but I have never bought anything on it. This old guy really is old school. I’m a bit concerned about posting my real eMail address on any public site. Even Kaiser knows the name I use here is really a moniker. So how could… Read more »


Gosh you are right! I assumed you all could see the email I post under as this site asks for it. I’ve used eBay to grab a couple of items I could clearly see genuine. Only been burned once for a micro screw driver set. Yes, I was screwed, but eBay/PayPal covered the transaction and I was whole. No worries.

Mike Hunt

Kaiser — That really is a wonderful 1921 Morgan you have. But after seeing how pure the 2021 is, and all of the incredible details I never knew existed on the coin, it makes me appreciate it that much more. Re giving my brother a Morgan-P and Peace-P … thinking about the times he and I shared working on our collections … and being reminded of all the things we are blessed with especially at Thanksgiving … it just makes sense. As you once told me, we can only enjoy these things while we are here. But, just maybe, these… Read more »

Mike Hunt

Kaiser — Other than sticking the box you see on this picture (containing the Morgan & Peace P Dollars) into the bag, this is how my brother’s gift will look. And as a real finishing touch, I wrapped each coin in aluminum foil (dull side out) inside that box. Kind of like when you were a kid and you had to unwrap multiple boxes to get to the actual present. Re your comment about my legal experience … it was one of “guilt by association”. But I must admit that in my private life I too was awarded a Court-ordered… Read more »

DSC_4312 Cropped @50%.jpg
Rodney Moore

According to the article the new Deputy Director “ was responsible for the development, articulation, and delivery of Department-wide human resources policies, plans, and programs.” So, she’s good at developing and articulating “plans”? And she’s now over the mint because of that skill? I’ll refrain from mentioning how we’re diversifying ourselves into a very deep hole. I ordered the max household limit on all of the different Morgans and the Peace coins and that adds up to about 33 coins or so. Today I dumped the pile of mint boxes out and started removing the coins from the boxes to… Read more »

Rob S

I’ve come to a similar aesthetic conclusion where I prefer the looks of the Peace over the Morgans. I flipped on that when I got my coins, that surprised me a little. The microscopic mint marks on the Morgans were a minor slight let down. Oh well. A few of my 9 coins were still in their capsules but out of the round holder in the presentation “box”. Luckily, I had no cracked capsules nor major scuffs I could tell. However, the shine on a few were not … 100% lustrous, and 1 Peace $ had a small “spot” on… Read more »


Agreed your spot-on (oops) but it’s obvious the insiders got the best of the bunch and the rest went to us – I collect Denver Mint and had high hopes for the Peace Dollars and both made it to me in great condition. Unfortunately the Morgans look “smoothed” which is what happens when someone cleans or dips an old Morgan in that cleaning solvent that eats part of the coin away but leaves it smooth and we definitely don’t need more Morgans looking like that. My favorite of all is the current portrait of Liberty pictured below for your viewing… Read more »


“Poem to a Wiener” by Henry Gibson, 1970

John Morrell makes wieners fine,
Certainly the finest I ever ate.
I think the most I ever ate was nine,
But even if it was only eight, they’re great.

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“Man who jumps off cliff, jumps to conclusion!”

Rob S

Ah, a quote from the wise Confusion. 😉