2019 American Innovation Dollars for Pennsylvania Released


American innovation is celebrated again with a $1 coin now available from the United States Mint. The new dollar honors the discovery of the polio vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk and his team at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania.

Roll of 2019-P American Innovation Dollars for Pennsylvania
U.S. Mint image showing a roll of 2019-P Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollars
Bag of 2019-D American Innovation Dollars for Pennsylvania
U.S. Mint image showing a bag of 2019-D Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollars

Product options include 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags filled with Pennsylvania American Innovation dollars produced in an uncirculated finish at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

Designs for Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar

Shown on the coin’s reverse (tails) side is an artist’s conception of the poliovirus at three different levels of magnification. A microscope appears beside the virus to represent the significant work it took to combat the disease. Surrounding inscriptions read: "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "POLIO VACCINE," "1953," and "PENNSYLVANIA." The design was completed by artist Richard Masters with Joseph Menna sculpting.

2019-S Proof Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar - Reverse
This CoinNews photo shows the reverse or tails side design of a 2019 Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar. The coin in the photo was struck in proof finish. The Mint released today dollars in an uncirculated finish.

The dollar’s obverse (heads side) design, which is shared across the multi-year coin series, offers an image of the Statue of Liberty in profile along with a privy mark of a stylized gear and inscriptions of "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "$1."

2019-S Proof Pennsylvania American Innovation Dollar - Obverse
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse or head side design of all American Innovation Dollars. The coin in the photo was struck in proof finish. The Mint released today dollars in an uncirculated finish.

Dollar coin edges are incused with their year of issue, a mint mark and "E PLURIBUS UNUM."


25-coin rolls containing uncirculated dollars from either the Philadelphia or Denver Mints may be purchased for $32.95. 100-coin bag options of the same coins are $111.95 each.

They are available directly from the U.S. Mint via its online store for American Innovation products. Orders may also be placed by calling the Mint at (800) USA MINT (872-6468).

About the Series

The United States Mint’s American Innovation™ $1 Coin Program debuted last year with one introductory dollar depicting the signature of President George Washington who signed the first-ever U.S. patent issued on July 31, 1790. It also featured stylized gears representing industry and innovation, and a privy mark-like collage showing an eagle atop tools within a shield.

This series with changing reverses continued earlier this year with a coin acknowledging the achievements of Annie Jump Cannon who was a Delaware-born astronomer that invented a system for classifying the stars. Two more dollars will appear later this year that celebrate innovative achievements from the states of New Jersey and Georgia.

The Mint earlier released other collectible editions of 2019 dollars, like the year’s four dollars in proof finish.

CoinNews Photo of Lens of 2019 American Innovation $1 Coin Proof Set
There are other, already released collectible U.S. Mint products with the newest dollar and the others for 2019. As an example, above is a CoinNews photo showing proof versions of the four 2019-dated dollars.

Coins will continue in the series at a rate of four per year with reverse designs honoring similar accomplishments from each state, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories.

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ATB lover

should mint make dollar coin available in bank ? if they make the coin for Collectors ONLY , then what is the point to make business strike coins not for public use . Either the Innovation reverse proof coin , they have some Discolor, tiny machine scratch line .solution watermark, I received so many proof have problems . It is Shame of US Mint and Coinage System !!!

Chas Barber

If the Mint makes a coin no body outside of coinheads even know & never see….can or will it succeed….? Stay Tuned Kid$

PS> The RevProof is not attractive on this design…..!!!!


I had a half-baked idea to buy a couple rolls, break them open and spend them around town. I am guessing half the places I go to they will refuse them, not knowing what they are.

Gary G

Put them in one of those automatic supermarket checkouts that take coins.

Chas Barber

Spend them with PEOPLE, or try a half$ @ a fast food joint, they need to call a manager”What is THIS?” I’ve spent many of the collector only $1’s, not many care about it……

Eric L

I have been spending the Delaware ones around town for small purchases for weeks, at many different types of businesses from independent coffee shops to large chain stores. No one has refused them. Seems like they are close enough to currently circulating dollar coins that cashiers come across occasionally in daily commerce.