Apollo 11 Half Dollar Set Replacement Sleeve


United States Mint customers who want replacement sleeves for their Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Proof Half Dollar Set can get them for free.

Error Sleeve of Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Proof Half Dollar Set
A CoinNews photo that shows the back of an original sleeve for an Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Proof Half Dollar Set. It incorrectly credits Gilroy Roberts with designing and engraving both the obverse and reverse of the Kennedy half dollar.

Released Jan. 24, the set is one of eight U.S. Mint products that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned landing on the Moon.

The set’s original sleeve contained an error showing Gilroy Roberts as designing and engraving both the obverse and reverse of the Kennedy half dollar. Roberts designed and engraved the obverse but Frank Gasparro designed and engraved the reverse. Roughly 70,000 Apollo 11 Proof Half Dollar Sets were shipped before the packaging error was discovered.

CoinNews Photo of Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Proof Half Dollar Set
This CoinNews photo shows the set’s dome-shaped 2019-S Proof Apollo 11 half dollar and 2019-S Proof Kennedy half dollar

The replacement sleeve properly credits the designers. It also has the signature of David Ryder, the current Director of the Mint, whereas the original sleeve was signed by David Croft, the former Acting Deputy Director.

Receiving Replacement Sleeve

Anyone who purchased the set can receive a new sleeve by calling the U.S. Mint directly at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). In addition, Mint retail sales locations will have a supply of them on hand.

"Customers do not have to return the entire set to receive the replacement sleeve, but must have placed an order for the actual set," the Mint notes.

The set, priced at $53.95, is currently listed on the U.S. Mint’s website as unavailable. Sales stats through May 26 show 99,932 of the maximum 100,000 sets have sold.

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Seth Riesling

Of course, the Mint’s private vendor call center reps in Texas didn’t know anything about this news reported first in Coin World on Friday. I explained the situation & with the help of a supervisor, they found out what they have to do to get the Mint’s private vendor Memphis fulfillment warehouse to send these corrected slip covers out for free for the close to 70,000 the Mint sent out with wrong historical info on them. This process only took the Mint 4 months to correct! How embarrassing & costly is that for a new Mint Director who is a… Read more »


Pardon…the Mint knows exactly who placed web and phone orders. They should send out the historically accurate information automatically. Only retail buyers should have to bird-dog this.


Buy the coin, not the sleeve.


Called to request the sleeves – I’ve bought cars in less time.