NGC Imaging Service Photos Coins Before Encapsulation


One Friday, June 1, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) will roll out a new imaging service for customers. The service offers submitters an option to receive high-resolution images of their coins before they are encapsulated.

NGC photovision example
NGC Photo Vision will provide a side-by-side image, like in the above image, as well as individual obverse and reverse images

The raw coin imaging service is called NGC Photo Vision®, and it replaces NGC’s current service of the same name.

"For years, NGC has taken extraordinary photos of coins prior to encapsulation for its marketing and internal image catalog," said Rick Montgomery, NGC President. "By popular demand, we are now giving our customers the ability to request this superior service for their own coins."

Submitters who select NGC Photo Vision on the NGC Submission Form will receive high-resolution JPG images of the obverse and the reverse of the coin as well as a side-by-side high resolution JPG with the NGC logo and NGC submission number. The three images will be sent to the email address provided by the submitter.

NGC Photo Vision is $15 per coin. As a special introductory offer, the new NGC Photo Vision will be only $7.50 through September 30, 2018. Submitters can use NGC’s existing submission forms; this discount will be automatically applied.

All coins submitted under the new NGC Photo Vision service are imaged, regardless of the grading result. Submitters must select a grading tier in addition to the NGC Photo Vision service, except for coins already encapsulated in NGC holders. For these coins, submitters can select the lower-cost ReHolder service in addition to the NGC Photo Vision service. (Not genuine and other coins that are not encapsulated will still be imaged under this service.)

This new service is initially available only for submissions received at NGC’s Sarasota, Florida, USA, headquarters on or after June 1, 2018. The service will later be expanded to submissions to other NGC offices.

To learn more about NGC’s imaging services, visit

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Joe Brown

Pretty pricey, if NGC can make a small profit with there introductory offer of $7.50, until September of this year 2018, you know they will be making more than double at $15.00 a pop, that,s the way*i look at it, anyhow!

Jeffrey R

For an extra $25.00 they’ll take your coin to the movies and buy it popcorn.