Law Enforcement Seminar at March 2018 ANA National Money Show


Postal Inspectors, FedEx, District Attorney Investigators and Banking Investigators to Attend Law Enforcement Seminar at ANA National Money Show in Irving,Texas.

NCIC logoOffenses related to USPS and FedEx shipments continue to plague the numismatic industry. The immediate challenge in these type of offenses is determining which law enforcement agency federal or local takes the lead role.

"We are addressing these issues along with other topics including counterfeits during the 8hr ‘Numismatic Crime Investigations’ seminar being held during the ANA National Money Show in Irving,Texas on March 8, 2018," said Doug Davis Founder/President of the Numismatic Crime Information Center.

Representatives from the Postal Inspection Service, District Attorney offices, FedEx, the Banking industry and investigators from all over Texas have registered, Davis said.

The seminar will provide attendees with the basic tools and resources to effectively conduct a numismatic crime investigation within their jurisdiction. The Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) has partnered with the North Texas Regional Police Academy and attendees will receive 8hrs of accredited education from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

NCIC through its educational initiatives seeks to promote partnerships between law enforcement and the numismatic community, pursuing collaborative strategies in numismatic crime investigations.

The seminar is free to all law enforcement attendees. Persons who wish to help sponsor the seminar can contact NCIC is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation and all donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.

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I would love to attend this meeting of the minds. I expend much energy and time on the subject. Pains me when I see piece of crap fake slabbed bullion on ebay, scum bags that take advantage of novice collectors.

I never have nor will I ever buy coins – numismatic – bullion from anyone but a reputable dealer. I feel for all that have been taken advantage of by criminal scum. I have zero respect for thief’s.


Old Collector

I’m a bit confused and/or perplexed here. I see no mention of UPS participating in this important – even essential – event. Does this mean that 1) UPS is not employed as a shipper of coins; 2) that it has had no problems in regard to crimes relating to transporting coinage; or 3) that UPS somehow isn’t in any way concerned about this situation? I’m clueless here, so any input in this regard would be appreciated.


Old Collector – I am sure representatives from UPS will attend but will not announce or make their official presence know. They would be asked many security questions that I am sure their executives would instruct them never to publicly answer. Every shipping company have their own security measures and will work with state and federal law enforcement. No on one wants to publicly give up security protocols nor can they due to internal policy.


Old Collector


Thanks for answering my question regarding UPS participation in this even and regarding this issue. Obviously with UPS being such a major player in the transportation business in general and in the coin shipping business specifically, I was finding it hard to understand or believe they would not have at least some kind of presence at this particular event.

Seth Riesling

Old Collector & Mouse – I will try to make a long, complex story fairly short. My father after retiring from the military worked for the USPS for 25 years. UPS & FedEx officially do not insure rare coins or precious metals as standard operating procedure. But, some rare coin/precious metals companies use them & insure them under their own private company insurance policies. I was a licensed insurance agent here in Texas for one of my two careers. I & almost all coin dealers only recommend you use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for such numismatic shipments &… Read more »


Hi Seth – I fully agree with you and for me, I only purchase from reputable dealers that insure / guarantee shipment of their products regardless of shipper – with signature delivery. Professional business and that’s why some dealers have the bulk of the business and always will. Sound guaranteed practice.


Old Collector

Seth Riesling & Mouse, I really like the way I can count on one or the other and more often than not the both of you to fill in the blanks for me, so to speak, whenever I have a question, and I find that to be the case for anything from trifling queries to major inquiries. Thanks for the info on the USPS and how it handles the insurance issue vis a vis the positions taken by UPS and Fedex; that’s something that obviously is very important and of great value to be aware of. In the future I… Read more »

Old Collector


Shiny gold stole your
eye; stop right there! Now counting
years instead of coins.