PNG Strikes 1-Ounce .999 Fine Silver Rounds


The Professional Numismatist Guild’s Accredited Precious Metals Dealers program ( has created special one-ounce .999 fine silver bullion rounds.

PNG APMD 1oz .999 silver round
PNG APMD 1oz .999 silver round

Participating PNG-APMD dealers will be selling the rounds to collectors and investors at competitive prices lower than some other one-ounce silver bullion products on the market.

"These handsome rounds with a proof-like luster are slightly larger than U.S. Morgan and Peace silver dollars," explained PNG President Barry Stuppler.

"They were professionally created as a way for the public to advantageously invest in a premium precious metals product guaranteed for weight and silver fineness purity, and to emphasize the importance of doing business with knowledgeable, reputable dealers."

PNG-APMD members must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics ( in the buying and selling bullion and numismatic precious metals items.

Participating Platinum Level APMD members ( will sell the silver rounds. Groups of 20 are packaged in a protective, inert plastic tubes that include a tamper-evident PNG-APMD seal.

"They will be offered to the public at prices that are only a small fraction over their intrinsic silver value," said PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman.

The rounds measure 39 millimeters in diameter. They were custom made by the Highland Mint of Melbourne, Florida with an "HM" mintmark.

The obverse depicts a spread-wings eagle on a rock with the legends, "APMD" near the top and "ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER" near the bottom.

PNG APMD silver round obverse
Silver round’s obverse


PNG AMPD silver round reverse
Silver round’s reverse

The center design is the APMD logo depicting an image of Aequitas, the Roman goddess of honest merchants and fair trade, a cornucopia and the words "GUARANTEED BY APMD ACCREDITED PRECIOUS METALS DEALERS/PNG SINCE 1955."

For additional information about the PNG-APMD silver rounds and participating dealers, contact the Temecula, California-based Professional Numismatists Guild at 951-587-8300 or at

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Joe Brown

May be if they are a couple bucks $2.00 cheaper than the *ASE* basic coin with .999 silver content & free shipping like 1 company out there i know of. ? for any one who knows the answer. My ? is, i* don’t recall “hardly” any private *U*S* mints & our *U*S* mint, minting .9999 silver rounds, coins, medals. I sea* Canada & other world mints do. .9999 is more pure silver than .999 One more ?, has anyone ever gone to a coin buyer with one of each coin of .9999 &.999 silver & did they the same price… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Joe Brown – When I lived in Germany 1976-1979 (as a teenager & coin collector) on our small NSA base south of Munich, we attended the world-famous original OktoberFest in Munich every year. The Bavarian state Mint (one of the 5 official Mints still in Germany to this day) struck for a local bank to sell at its kiosks on the grounds, 1-ounce cameo Proof silver medals with Bavarian scenes like the OktoberFest & King Ludwig II (the crazy King) etc. & they were marked 1000 fine silver – a first for a 100% pure silver medal or coin! I… Read more »

Joe Brown

Thanks Seth, i knew i could count on you* for an answer. I’m sure you have some nice story’s in the world of coins over the many years you have been collecting. Wow, i have never seen anything “marked” 1000% or for that matter 100% pure silver. That’s a keeper* that set you have, the picture of crazy King Ludwig the 2nd must be pretty neat, i would say, God* only knows how many of that set you have, good score way back when i* must say. I’m not sure, but it was ether my dads or moms side of… Read more »