PCGS Set Registry Now Mobile

With its updated interface, the PCGS Set Registry experience can now be enjoyed on your mobile device

The PCGS Set Registry is now mobile, meaning users can update, review and share their coin collections from smartphones.

Developed in 2001, the registry was the hobby’s first online tool for organizing and analyzing collections. There are now more than 82,280 registered sets.

The new interface and other enhancements were in the development stages for much of 2016, according to the PCGS, and they include a streamlined user experience for updating, reviewing and sharing digital coin images.

"This new update is full of brand new features to enhance the collecting experience," said PCGS Set Registry Director BJ Searls. "For instance, users can now upload pictures of their coins directly from their mobile devices."

In addition to the newest roll out, the company in the coming months expects to release a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

"Though coin collecting is a time-honored hobby, the technology we use to bolster that hobby is cutting edge. With updates to the Set Registry and a forthcoming app, PCGS continues to lead the hobby into the future," said PCGS President Don Willis.

For more information and to start your online collection, visit www.PCGS.com/SetRegistry.

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Seth Riesling


The top 20 coins (by price paid) sold last year at public auctions were all in PCGS certified holders! An amazing feat for the top third-party authentication & grading service (and the only grading service that is a public-owned stock company – the rest like NGC, ANACS & ICG are privately owned). PCGS was the pioneer in 1986 with slabed coins with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity & grade. (I am NOT a paid spokesperson for PCGS! LOL).


Robert F Hall

PCGS coins are awesome. The quality of the holders are the best. They are like you are holding the raw coin in your hand without a holder. Therefore you might get a higher grade for the coin. I to am neither a spokesman for PCGS, but do like the way their coins are displayed in the holder.

Seth Riesling

Robert F. Hall –

You are so right. Last year, for their 30th anniversary, PCGS introduced its newest generation of holders with 99.9 percent inert plastic & a tighter seal to keep air out & some new security features to help prevent counterfeit slabs. There is a sort of secret inert chemical “DNA” in the plastic making it almost impossible to replicate.

Happy collecting!