Perth Mint Bullion Sales Soar in First Half of 2016

Perth Mint silver bullion coin and silver bars
June sales of Perth Mint silver bullion coins reached above 1 million ounces for the ninth time in ten months

Demand for Australian bullion coins bounced in June after a slowing in May, and soared through the first half of this year, according to the latest figures from the Perth Mint of Australia.

The Mint’s silver coins scored above the million ounce level for the ninth time in ten months and its gold sales rebounded from an at least 3-year low.

Perth Mint bullion sales registered against a backdrop of soaring precious metals with London fixings in June logging advances of 9% for gold and 14.3% for silver.

Bullion Sales in June 2016

The Perth Mint sold 31,368 ounces in gold coins and gold bars last month for a 49.1% increase over May when sales ranked the weakest since CoinNews started tracking the Mint’s data in February 2013. Sales climbed a more modest 1.1% above the same month from a year earlier.

"Stronger investor sentiment in June resulting from the UK’s Brexit vote helped reverse the decline in sales of Australia coins and bars evident over the past two months," the Perth Mint said.

Gold sales through the first half of 2016 tally to 232,715 ounces, up 38% from last year’s starting six-month total of 168,650 ounces..

Perth Mint sales of silver bullion jumped by 1,220,817 ounces last month, notching gains of 25.2% from the previous month and 217.4% from June 2015.

Silver sales through the first half of the year total 7,636,156 ounces, smashing last year’s January to June total of 2,810,994 ounces by 171.7%.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month

Below is a monthly breakdown of Perth Mint bullion sales from June 2015 to June 2016. The figures show monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped by the Minted Products division of The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
June 2016 1,220,817 31,368
May 2016 974,865 21,035
April 2016 1,161,766 47,542
March 2016 1,756,238 47,948
February 2016 1,049,062 37,063
January 2016 1,473,408 47,759
December 2015 1,083,460 40,096
November 2015 1,145,239 31,664
October 2015 1,751,898 66,951
September 2015 3,349,557 63,791
August 2015 707,656 33,390
July 2015 746,700 51,088
June 2015 384,586 31,019


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Seth Riesling

Perth Mint Australia is offering a unique (mintage of 1 coin) gold coin for $1 million. It is the 1-kilo gold Kangaroo with a rare red diamond from an Australian mine set into the coin. It is on display & available for purchase at the Mint’s Hay Street location in Perth.


Danny Morano

I think that the Perth Mint offer a wide range of some of the finest, unique coins on the market tody. I also think the Royal Canadian Mint does the same. Mint like the U.S. Mint should take notice and start doing the same instead of minting almost 50 Million Silver Eagles last year, they could have made some more unique coins.

Seth Riesling

Danny Morano –

You are so right! I have been purchasing more low mintage coins from Perth Mint Australia & RCM over the past few years & cutting back on some of the common US Mint coins.

Happy collecting Danny!


Danny Morano

Diversity and quality along with an excellent company help make for great collecting. The U.S. Mint just keeps minting what seems like the same old, same old. The best thing I can say about this year’s coins from the U.S. Mint are the gold Dime, Quarter and Fifty Cent piece. I do wish they were made in one ounce of .999 gold like the Buffalo nickle and I’m hoping for a 5 ounce high releif Silver Eagle. Nice to hear from you.

Seth Riesling

Danny Morano-

Good ideas for new MInt products. I wish the US Mint’s customer service was as good as the RCM & Perth Mint Australia!
They have the best customer service & really know how to take care of their loyal customers.


Danny Morano

NUMISDUDE, Thanks for the email. There is a company called FirstCoin in California. They have some of the most unique coins I have ever seen or bought. Alot are fro Niue, minted by the Perth mint. If you can, order coins in stock and use the code “thankyou” at check out for an extra 3% off. They have a large collection of unique coins found nowhere else. If you “preorder”, be patient as it could take 3 to 6 months for them to come. But, the wait is worth it. The latest coin I got was a 2oz. Antiqued coin… Read more »

Danny Morano

Sorry for sPell ing errors, if it doesn’t recognize words, it just prints as clock as possible. I meant Mercante. He made a very smart move going to Australia. He has unincumbered artistic freedom and has created artistic masterpieces for them. The Wedge Tail Eagle is a masterpiece. Their low mintage Star Trek Transporter sets are excellent. And look at what they have just done! A 1 Kilo .999 gold coin with the rarest gemstone in the world, a .54ct. Red Diamond. I know there is only one and it isn’t cheap but, it just shows what’d the Perth Mint… Read more »