2016 Gold Mercury Dime Launch (Updated)


Celebrating one of the most iconic coin designs in American numismatic history, the U.S. Mint is selling the 2016-W Mercury Dime Centennial 1/10 Ounce Gold Coin at noon ET today, April 21. The commemorative appears 100 years after the original Mercury dime was first issued.

2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin, Presentation Case
“Winged Liberty” is seen on the obverse of the new gold Mercury Dime as originally designed by Adolph A. Weinman for the 1916 dime. Weinman’s reverse design depicts Roman fasces and an olive branch, symbolic of America’s military readiness and desire for peace during the troubling early part of the 20th century. The coin is produced at the West Point Mint and carries a W mint mark. Each is encapsulated and ships in a custom-designed, black-matte hardwood presentation case along with a U.S. Mint Certificate of Authenticity.

Adolph A. Weinman’s representation of Winged Liberty is featured on the obverse with his Roman fasces and olive branch image gracing the reverse. It was the winged cap that started the "Mercury dime" nickname as many mistook Liberty for the Roman god Mercury.

Unlike its century-old predecessor that was struck in 90% silver and 10% copper, this new collectible is composed in .9999 fine 24-karat gold with a business strike finish. Read our earlier article to learn more about the specification differences between the two coins.


Limited to 125,000, those interested the gold Mercury dime can order up to 10 of them from the U.S. Mint’s website. The coin’s product page is right here. Initial pricing is $205.00. That price is subject to change weekly based on market fluctuations and the Mint’s pricing matrix.

The centennial Mercury dime is one of three coins to be issued this year that celebrates the 1916 renaissance in American coinage. Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coins will debut later in the year.

Update: The U.S. Mint will provide information about the first day of sales on Friday morning, April 22.

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Christopher Williams


Thank you. I read it.



Thanks and it sounds like a plan. lol Got to love it.


Followup to my April 21 post:
Yesterday, my “processing” order was changed to “shipped”.


Mine was shipped yesterday too!

Seth Riesling

My 3 gold Winged Liberty Head dimes (“Mercury” dimes) shipped yesterday from the Mint & I got them this morning at 9:30am CT by UPS Next Day delivery (I paid extra for expedited shipping.) They all 3 look great! A light satin look to the gold, but no Full Split Bands on the fasces on the reverse as in the original 1916 design. The top 2 bands are flat & the bottom bands have some separation on all 3 coins. Otherwise, they are beautiful small gold coins to treasure as a collector (two of the three coins I ordered as… Read more »

Seth Riesling

FYI CoinNews readers –

These gold dime coins did not sellout on first day of issue! As of Sunday April 24, the Mint’s website sales figure is 122,510 coins sold with 2,490 coins leftover unsold. If you didn’t get one on the first day, you may want to sign up on the Mint’s website for their “Remind Me” option that lets you know when the unsold coins will be available. Good luck everyone!



I received my order of two today and there appears to be a blemish on both coins to the right of the torch. Is this normal? Is it worth having them graded by PCGS?