2016 Kennedy Half-Dollars Available in Rolls and Bags


As of today, Feb. 24, the United States Mint is selling rolls and bags of circulating-quality 2016 P&D Kennedy half-dollars.

Rolls and bags of 2016 Kennedy-half-dollars
The United States Mint is now selling rolls and bags of 2016 John F. Kennedy Half-Dollars

For $139.95, buyers can get a 200-coin canvas bag evenly mixed with half-dollars from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. Then, for $32.95, there is a set with one 20-coin roll from each facility. The 50-cent pieces have either the ‘P’ or ‘D’ mint mark to denote their origin, and the same goes for their U.S. Mint-branded packaging.

While both current product options include circulating-quality half-dollars, none of them have entered circulation. Federal Reserve Banks, some time back, stopped ordering Kennedy half-dollars. In fact, since 2002, the U.S. Mint has only produced them for coin collector sales. The table below illustrates how 50c mintages have mostly declined since that change.

2000 – 2016 Kennedy Half-Dollar Mintages

Total Mintage
2000 42,070,000
2001 40,700,000
2002 5,600,000
2003 5,000,000
2004 5,800,000
2005 7,300,000
2006 4,400,000
2007 4,800,000
2008 3,400,000
2009 3,800,000
2010 3,500,000
2011 3,450,000
2012 3,500,000
2013 9,600,000
2014 4,600,000
2015 4,600,000
2016 4,900,000


The 4.9 million mintage total of 2016 Kennedy half-dollars includes 2.1 million from Denver and 2.8 million from Philadelphia. Those figures are through January, but the amount produced early in a year is usually enough to satisfy collector demand for all of it.


Online orders for rolls and bags of half-dollars are being accepted directly from the U.S. Mint’s website at www.usmint.gov, with a link to its 50-cent products right here. Place phone orders at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

There are no household ordering limits.

Recent Sales of 50c Rolls and Bags

The U.S. Mint continues to sell 2015-dated half-dollars. The following table offers the latest sales figures for them as of Feb. 21, plus those of other 50-cent roll and bag products since 2011.

  Latest Sales Total Coins
2015 P&D 200-Coin Bag 12,118 3,434,880
2015 P&D Two-Roll Set 25,282
2014 P&D 200-Coin Bag 12,967 3,806,640
2014 P&D Two-Roll Set 30,331
2013 P&D 200-Coin Bag 9,980 2,992,720
2013 P&D Two-Roll Set 24,918
2012 P&D 200-Coin Bag 10,323 3,415,240
2012 P&D Two-Roll Set 33,766
2011 P&D 200-Coin Bag 9,455 3,002,280
2011 P&D Two-Roll Set 27,782


Additionally, the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy 50c Silver Coin Collection is still available for $99.95. Its sales are at 220,741.

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Seth Riesling

Rhonda (Kay) Unser – Thanks for a great, concise article with all of the interesting stats about the circulating-quality Kennedy half dollars! The numbers are interesting to look at all in one place for sure & it is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since the Federal Reserve Banks ordered any of these coins for circulation (except in 2013) . If anyone wonders why the mintage number for the 2013 Kennedy half dollars is so very high at 9.6 million coins compared to other years, here is the story: As Rhonda (Kay) Unser explains in her comprehensive… Read more »

Seth Riesling

The newest U.S. Mint product (related in a way to President Kennedy) was offered for the first time today Wednesday February 24 starting st 3pm Eastern time. It is the bronze version medals of the Congressional Gold Medal issued earlier today by a congressional delegation in Washington D.C. at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center to the “Foot Soldiers” of the Selma to Montgomery, Alabama march for voter’s rights in 1965. President Kennedy worked with Congress on the details of what would become the Civil Rights Act of 1964 & the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Since Kennedy was sadly assassinated… Read more »


I’ve already ordered the 3 inch medal of the Selma Foot Soldiers .. I saw an article in another blog with pics and I liked the designs. Too bad the obverse wasn’t used for the CRA commemorative … but then this is the Mint we’re talking about .. it would be expecting too much ..

Seth Riesling

Tinto – I too really like the design of this newest bronze version of the Congressional Gold Medal for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 “Foot Soldiers”. I collect certain medals almost as much as coins, because oftentimes medal designs are actually better than some legal tender coin designs! I agree with you that the Mint’s 2014 CRA 50th anniversary commemorative silver $1 coin obverse design was not good (you can’t even read all the words on the sign the guy is carrying, & if someone doesn’t know their civil rights history they might not get it that it is… Read more »


I receive the P & D rolls every year as part of my subscription plan.